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Obligatory Halloween Post

In keeping with the tradition of usual Halloween blog entries and articles around the net, this blog will also have a Halloween-themed entry going on for today. After living for 20+ years, and with 15 years of gaming backed into it, I have encountered a number of games that fit into the whole Halloween spirit. Why? It is because they for one; are scary and fit into the whole survival horror genre of videogames.

So in this entry, I list to you, the videogames that scared the pants off Sven. (In no particular order)

1. Silent Hill (1998/Konami/Playstation 1)

Yep…this alley looks so familiar

The first time I played this was back in grade school. The game has that perfect formula for a horror movie. It had scary monsters such as the faceless nurses or those naked creepy babies with knives. What makes this videogame scary than the average games is the soundtrack and the sounds in general. The eerie background music and the sounds those monsters make would really creep out the average gamer. There’s usually some sort of creepy music playing through the game while your player is stuck inside a dark school or hospital. This dark and ominous soundtrack seems to forecast to the player that some evil monster will soon attack him. Now that I think about it, I realized why I put the game on mute…it’s too damn scary while playing it with those sounds on! The dark and foggy background and surroundings of the game add the chilling factor as well. You will have no idea what’s inside one single class room or nurse station until you realize that just 2-3 steps ahead of you is an enemy. For me it adds more scares and frights to a gamer such as myself. This game is pretty unforgettable due to its scare factor and how eerie your surroundings can be with or without any enemies in that room or area…it will still put some suspense into you.


2. Resident Evil 2 (1998/Capcom/Playstation 1)

This was the first Resident Evil game I have ever played. I did get to play the original and the succeeding games, but this one really did scare me for several reasons. When you get your player stuck in a city, and you start with just one handgun against a ton of zombies in one street, that enough is going to scare the wits out of you. Well maybe for one 9 year old kid who played the game for the first time and having no idea how to friggin’ walk around with the controls. Yes, it took me about a week or so (mostly thanks to my cousin who knew how to move the player) to get around the first part of RE2 to save me from getting devoured by the horde of zombies in the first few minutes of the game. However, that’s getting out of the damn story. The entire idea of someone stuck in a city full of zombies sent shivers up my spine and made me panic sometimes as I played through the game. Yes, I was a ‘marking out’ in a way since it scared me so much. The scariest scene I remember from this game was when this weird slug like creature bursts out of the chest of some reporter guy in the cell area. The moans and way the zombies walk also add some frights as it signals to me that they are coming to get me…and I best have enough ammo to blast them off. The scariest character/creature in that game, in my opinion, would be Mr. X. I mean, this pale trench coat laden monster just crashes out of nowhere (ok, from the ceiling of the police station) and just looks like he’s ready to kill ya. That’s a monster I don’t plan on meeting alone in a zombie infested police station, no sir.


3. Echo Night (1998/Agetec/Playstation 1)

This..is scary @_@ (credit: Gamespot.com/Videogames.com)

Yes, this game might not have the best graphics compared to either Resident Evil or Silent Hill. However, the first person view of the game makes up for the scare. Imagine, no gun, no nothing at the start and you need to fend off these transparent ghosts. While the graphics, as mentioned, was not so good, it was scary enough for me. Imagine, the only way to get that ghost out of your view…was to turn on the damn lights. The ghosts in this game alone made me a scared little kid back in grade school when I played this. These ghosts, especially this one girl ghost, has this chilly tone in her laughter before she ‘lifts’ you and throws you off to a nearby wall. Trust me, if you’re a scardy-cat like me, you’d quickly flick on the lights on every room you enter just to avoid seeing any ghosts. Yes, even though it’s not on some boat like this game.


4. Resident Evil 4 (2005/Capcom/Playstation 2)

Yeah, these guys creep me out (Credit: IGN.com)

The final item into this list is, yes, another Resident Evil game. While RE 3 and Outbreak were scary, this one gets into this list for better reasons: this game legitimately spooked me out in one certain stage. While it is a bit blood-pumping and suspenseful to fight against a horde of possessed villagers in the early goings of the game, it was the priests that scared me in this game. Even if they were out of the screen, you can hear their spooky chanting that complements their scary voices. I really commend Capcom for making the voices of those priests as creepy as they did in this game. Furthermore, some of these priests even have those parasites into their heads after your deliver a headshot. If you think they would be dead upon their heads being decapitated, you’re wrong as these parasites sprout up to replace their heads and have a long range slash/attack that can damage you as well. This game, as well as the previously mentioned games, really put a scare onto me during my life as a gamer.


Wanna know something I noticed when I listed these games down? The first three games were released in the same year. Yet, I only played them in different years. (1998 – RE 2/1999 – Silent Hill/2000 – Echo Night). Yeah, that’s just the caveat for this entry.


Hope you guys enjoyed this entry, which was more of how I am easily scared of things inside a videogame, and have a Happy Halloween!

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