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Eddie Guerrero: In Memoriam (1967-2005)

Eddie Guerrero: In Memoriam (1967-2005)


November 13, 2005: One of Professional Wrestling’s finest passed away, and his name was Eddie Guerrero. Eddie, his real name Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanesz, was famous for wrestling in the two wrestling organizations which were the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWE/WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

His most notable victory was at No Way Out 2004 where he defeated Brock Lesnar to claim the WWE World Title. His “Latino Heat” and “Lie, Cheat, Steal” gimmicks also shot himself into fame during his wrestling career and became both a fan favorite and one of the bad guys in the WWE. However, his legacy does not stay inside the squared circle since Eddie has been featured in about 20 or so videogames during his illustrious career (and 2-3 more games after his demise). This entry is solely done in remembrance of Mr. Guerrero for his contributions to the professional wrestling and videogame industries. Basically I will recall the games I played where he appeared as well as other games I have yet to touch but he also made appearances that were noteworthy.


WCW Nitro (1997)

Developed by THQ, this would be the first game that featured Eddie Guerrero. The question was, did I ever play as Eddie in this game? No. But I, just like the rest of those guys who had them, played his rants. His first rant was in English and it talked about being ‘high flying…and exciting’ while the other was just the Spanish translation of the first one. The gameplay was forgettable but for some reason it didn’t stop me from buying…

WCW/nWo Thunder (1998)

 Why did it not stop me? Aside from the reason it’s a wrestling game, it featured me placing everyone or anyone I like into the WCW side, the flock, nWo black or nWo red. This was the very first game I actually played as Eddie Guerrero. What caught my attention was his entrance video. It was…very catchy. His mechanics was similar to those of Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio on the Thunder game so it didn’t take time for me to warm up to the controls. Then again, it had the same damn controls as Nitro and the same crappy overall game play, just with added wrestlers (Goldberg being a notable inclusion) and other people (A robot guy?).


WCW/WCW Mayhem (1999) 


Eddie’s frogsplash


Now this was the WCW game I had Eddie as one of my favorite characters to use in the game. In this WCW videogame, the controls have been modified due to a different company making the game (EA). In this game, he was already part of the Filthy Animals stable (Konnan, Rey Mysterio, and Kidman). It would be 2-4 months after the release of Mayhem that he would go to the rival company the WWF along with Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn.


WWF No Mercy (2000)


Eddie’s WWF videogame debut at WWF No Mercy


Sadly, I never had this game since this was in the Nintendo 64. At the time the only console I had was the Playstation 1. While I have yet to play it, this was a notable videogame due to the fact that this was the FIRST game to ever feature Eddie Guerrero (and the rest of the Radicalz) in a WWF videogame.


WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role (2000)

Eddie vs Steven Richards (Credit: IGN)

Yes, this is the game that I first played as Eddie Guerrero in a WWF game. I’d use to play as him in the mixed tag team matches with Chyna (as in real life). But most of the time I’d have him tag with Malenko, Benoit, or Saturn since I made a stable of them as the reformed Radicalz. It would be years until I actually put Eddie’s playable character to good use.


Legends of Wrestling II (2002)


Eddie in Legends of Wrestling II


Lo and behold, first purchase of the Legends of Wrestling series, and it had Eddie Guerrero in the game. So aside from using Bret Hart and Hogan, I had a third option in this game which was Guerrero. While it was nice to have him in this game as a playable character, I did find his entrance rather stereotypical. Let’s just say it was just too stereotypical for my tastes and I figured Jimmy Hart and the rest of the developers of this game could have done a better job finding/making Eddie a better entrance theme for this game. Seriously.


WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (2002)


Eddie flipping RVD off (Credit: IGN)


Ironically, Eddie made it to the SmackDown! game that THQ released at the same year and month. You see the interesting story here is that before Eddie resigned with the WWE during early 2002, he already signed a contract to be part of the Legends of Wrestling 2 videogame. Funny enough, SmackDown’s release date was near to the other game by a week or so. In other words, the streak of Eddie from the second Smackdown game was not broken until 6 more years.


WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 (2005)


Eddie’s last SmackDown! game before he passed away (Credit: IGN)


The game was released around the a few weeks before Guerrero passed away. After his death, this game created a little contraversy. How? Let’s just say it had a storyline involving The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, an urn, and Eddie being buried alive. Well I cannot fault the game makers here since this was developed months before the passing of Eddie. Though yeah, it was a very eerie picture of seeing that on the game after Eddie’s passing.


WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 (2006)

This was the first and last time I played Eddie in the PS2 as a part of the WWE legends roster. This was also the last time he was a playable character in the Smackdown vs Raw series (except for the PSP port of SvR 2008…see below).


WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 (2007)


Eddie’s last appearance in the SvR series (Credit: IGN)


This is the last videogame, well as of this writing, to feature Eddie Guerrero in a wrestling videogame. In fact, it was only in the PSP version where you can play or unlock Eddie Guerrero as a playable wrestler in this game (along with Jim Neidhart and Sgt. Slaughter).


It’s been a few years since Eddie Guerrero popped up in a videogame. But make no mistake, just like his character I am sure he’ll go back to the pixilated world to lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory. Rest in peace Eddie, you will never be forgotten, not even in the videogame world.


Eddie Guerrero: In Memoriam (1967-2005)

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