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Thank you…Duke Nukem

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. This site has not been active but it’s amazing how active the search engine has been to directing a number of people in here. So how is it that people flock to this site?

Well, I got two words for you: DUKE NUKEM!

Yes, that’s right. Duke Nukem is the reason that this site has now a whopping view count of…242…yes. THAT BIG!

Since March 25th, the search engine searches have been flocking. In fact, we are NOT so lazy to do this statistical info for all of you guys.

March 2011

Search Engine Terms:

Duke Nukem – 6

Duke Nuken – 1

Duke Nukem Sex – 1 (WTF???)

April 2011 (As of April 14, 2011)

Duke Nukem Forever – 36

Mass Effect Shepard Design/WWE Legends of Wrestlemania/Duke Nukem Sex (really..wtf?) – 3

See? I told you I owe the Dukester one. In fact, here’s one news (very late news..hey we’re lazy!) regarding the game. Gearbox Software posted a youtube video late March to announce that the release date of the has been moved from May 2011 to June 2011.

June 10 – International release

June 14 – US release

For more info on this (and more funny times), click the youtube link below


And again, thank you..DUKE NUKEM 😀

Note: For a more detailed tally, click the picture below.

Yes. They added 'sex' there 😐

Or, just click the link: http://i52.tinypic.com/1zp0d8g.jpg


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