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Sven’s Easter Spectacular

Easter Sunday to this site mostly means the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Easter, also, signifies to western culture as…Eggs. Yes, Easter also celebrates the Easter bunny, and as I mentioned, EASTER EGGS!

Easter Eggs don’t only pop up in Easter Sunday…they also, well, pop up inside videogames!

So here are a handful of easter eggs you may wanna find out for your own reading pleasure(displeasure if you are so misfortunate as to land into my site now).

Very first easter egg

1. ) The ‘very first easter egg’ – legend has it that the game “Adventure” fo


r the Atari 2600 was the very first easter egg. How so? Well in one stage you will see the name of the man who created the said game, Mr. Warren Robinett. From this website’s google research, we found from numerous other videogame websites that he was motivated to do this since before, most videogames have a penchant for not giving the videogame creators any credit. Hence, why not put your name at one of the stages?

2.) Using the Ps1 CD…on your personal computer – Usually, when you have a playstation CD, you’ll put it on your PS1 console. Well, a couple of PS1 games may offer something special for you if you put it on your computer instead. Games such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Dead Or Alive have different content for the gamers if you place the CDs into your CPU. Castlevania has a hidden soundtrack while DoA has, hidden wallpapers for you to download.


3) Things that say ‘no, there’s no easter eggs here’ – C’mon you know I had to put this on today’s entry! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in our opinion, has a funny easter egg.

                                                                   No easter eggs? (Credit: Gta.cz)

As this entry just showed to us, easter eggs in videogames can also be remembered during Easter. And why not? Some might even have COW LEVELS….heywaittaminute…

There IS a cow level!


With our short but ‘insightful’ easter egg edition, we here at Sven’s lazy videogame site wish you a Happy Easter!!!


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