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Martin Shills You This: Fiesta Island Sea Hub

It was a very uneventful Monday (last week)…that was until I got a message from my good friend and blogger Mark Will (Owner of this blog: http://republicanegrense.com/). I was invited to meet him at this place in Quezon City. The incentive: FREE FOOD!

Obviously, I agreed.

We met on a specified time and place before we commuted our butts to this place of ‘free food’ since he and a few others needed to write an article. So, let’s get out of the usual videogame theme of this site and let’s go into…FOOD BLOGGING!~

Sven’s Videogame Site Presents: MARTIN SHILLS YOU THIS!

“A food review of F.I.S.H. (Fiesta Island Seafood Hub)”

 Photo Credits: Mark Will Magallanes

The facts


Name: Fiesta Island Seafood Hub (F.I.S.H.)
47 Visayas Ave. Cor Congressional Ave. Quezon City
Contact Details: (02) 929-9022
Business Hours: 11 am to 12 am

The place and other mentionable stuff

The restaurant has a parking space at the entrance, and when it’s full, the customers can still procure some parking space beside it (China Bank).  F.I.S.H has a very spacious eating area as well as two function rooms. Those two function rooms can fit around 50-60 persons each. Outside of the regular dining area/rooms, the place also has four rooms for Karaoke. Yes, it can also double as a KTV bar. They got packages for 4-6 or 10-12 people in the KTV room (which includes the song selection, the room, and the food).

The menu of F.I.S.H. focuses on ‘authentic Filipino dishes’, as mentioned by the manager (Mr. Bern). The restaurant’s objective, they said, were to bring out the specialty dishes of the different Philippine islands. It is no wonder as to why certain names in the menu are tagged with the different locations as it shows where the specialty dish came from (e.x. Bulalo of Batangas).

The food


Ensaladang Bagnet – One of the restaurant’s best seller is the ensalada that has the ilocos bagnet. There’s no doubt as to why it was one of the best selling items since the taste of this dish was bar none one…amazing. This is a good starter meal and should be a ‘must’ if one orders in this place. Verdict: 5/5


Crabmeat Sisig – The next statement may show the reviewer’s lack of exposure in Filipino dishes: This is a type of sisig I’ve yet to try…until that night. The crabmeat sisig is good but the serving size is slightly not enough. Unlike the previous dish, it’s not a ‘must’ to order this. This is a very solid dish, but at the same time, nothing memorable. Verdict: 3/5


Beef Kaldereta – Hands down, one of the best kaldereta dishes out there. The meat is tender, the sauce was made well, and the cheese adds a lot of flavor to this. If you were to eat here, it is imperative to try this one

Sinigang na Chicken Inasal – If you have doubts of ordering this just because of the name, take them away. The dish actually captures the fusion of both sinigang and chicken inasal. The soup still has that tangy taste of sinigang while the chicken maintains its inasal-like taste even though it was put in with the soup base. Verdict: 4/5


Binusog na Pusit – Basically it’s squid stuffed with a couple of meat. The stuffing of the squid feels a bit too salty, but the squid itself was grilled to perfection. It was almost perfect but the ‘stuffing’ wasn’t up to par. Verdict: 4/5

The desserts: For desserts, the following dishes were served at the table: Turon Ala Mode, Adam or Eve (apple crepe w/ strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream), Turon con Langka and Kasoy (includes ube ice cream), and Mango Loco. The desserts set showcased one of the favorite Filipino desserts and F.I.S.H. did a good job in recreating them, especially the turon dishes. The ‘Adam or Eve’ dish was the one that stood out from the group with its combination of the apple, strawberry syrup and the ice cream. Verdict: 4/5

The overall verdict: If you’re looking for a place where you can eat some delectable Filipino cuisine and have a rocking good time, go to F.I.S.H.! The venue has it all from a nice lineup on its menu to an accommodating number of KTV rooms.


Credits/Conclusions: This reviewer would like to thank the gracious hosts Ms. Lady and Mr. Bern for accommodating the group. Obvious thanks to F.I.S.H. for inviting the group of bloggers that night. Personal thanks to Mark Will Magallanes for the pictures and the invite.


Till next time, this is Martin, shilling out.


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