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Sven’s Thoughts: Filipino Characters in Videogames

Sven’s Thoughts: Filipino Characters in Videogames Yesterday, I had a very interesting FB chat with a friend about videogames that had Filipino Characters. We talked about it briefly. Lo and behold, hours later there was this post given to me by the same friend (at the Tekken 6 website) about Mokujin being (I kid you not…) Filipino. Interesting eh? http://www.tekken6-official.eu/pages/en/52/character.html So going in that vain for this entry, here’s a link that takes a more in-depth perspective on Filipino Characters in a Videogame: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/250207/scitech/gaming/pinoy-heroes-in-videogames BJ David’s article is a very nice read in my view. Though with Mokujin and possible new additions in the future, there’s sure to be an updated list or write up on this topic in the coming years.

UPDATE [April 5, 2015]: Apparently…Mokujin is NOT a Filipino Tekken character. From a recent tweet by Mr. Harada, it was a mess up by their translators. He is, in fact, Japanese. No fret, there’s a NEW Tekken Character bearing the Filipino heritage and her name is Josie Rizal!




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