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Martin Shills You This: Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino

Last week I went to this restaurant with my blogger friend Mark Will and a couple of his fellow bloggers. While this wasn’t an ‘adventure’ compared to the last trip, my taste buds did have an adventure of its own.

Martin Shills You This: Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino

Sven’s Videogame Site Presents: MARTIN SHILLS YOU THIS!

“A food review of Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino

 Photo Credits: Mark Will Magallanes and my Camera

The facts


Name: Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino
Ground Floor net 2 Building, 3rd Avenue,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Details: (02) 856-0634
Business Hours: 10am (weekends)/11 am (weekdays) to 3pm AND 6pm to 11pm

The food

On our visit, the group was given a set meal so the portions are slightly smaller compared to the ala carte dishes. A little disclaimer, since this is considered a ‘fine dining’ restaurant, the price and the portions aren’t rated that much. The verdict is mostly going to go for the taste of the food.


Ubod Lumpia (best seller), Gambas Flambe, Tuna Lom Kilawin: The appetizers were put on one plate so let’s just break it down in one paragraph. The ubod lumpia, as Chef Roland told us, was inspired by the design of the lumpia from the streets. Upon tasting the lumpia, it was no wonder why it was a best seller from the set. The wrapper tasted like kornets from granny goose. The meat inside the lumpia also tasted great. The gambas flambé and Tuna kilawin were just nice tasting but couldn’t be compared to the lumpia. Let’s just say if you’re looking to order one of the three, just pick lumpia and you won’t regret your selection.

Verdict: Lumpia 5/5, Gambas 3.5/5, Tuna 3.5/5.

Soup: Nilaga Corn Chowder: What’s interesting about this chowder is the choice of meat. Just like most of their beef dishes, the chowder comes with wagyu beef. The wagyu had such an excellent taste and texture upon the first bite. As for the soup base, it wasn’t that great. Not that it was bad but you’re most likely going to buy this dish for the beef and not for the soup. Verdict: 4/5

Salad: Adobo Pigeon: This was a rather unique dish. For the first time, a salad in adobo sauce and with pigeon flakes. What’s noteworthy for this dish is not the pigeon for this reviewer, but the selection of mushrooms. The chefs made a wonderful medley in the mixture of the salad and the selection of mushrooms. The adobo pigeon was also tasty, but the mushrooms did the job well. Verdict 4.5/5

Main Course

Coco-Loco: Coconut Crusted Tilapia. Basically the breading used was coconut bits and the result was a nice blend. The crust added a new flavor to the usual tilapia dish. The fish itself was tender and tasted good. As a stand-alone meal, this could be a good order. Verdict 4.5/5.

Kare-Kare: The presentation, taste, and the portion for a set meal were excellent. Usually, kare kare dishes I’ve seen have the beef submerged into the peanut sauce, it wasn’t the case here. The beef and ox tripe were on top of the peanut sauce. The ox tripe also had peanut bits which added the soft/crunchy combo that made the tripe taste delicious. The beef itself was the highlight of the dish as it was soft and delicious. One of the best menu items this restaurant has is probably their kare kare. This one is a must order if one stumbles into Café Laudico. Verdict 5/5.


We were given the following for dessert: Molten Choco Cake, Halo-Halo Sherbet and Frozen Braso De Mercedez. The molten choco cake had a distinct fluffy taste as well as 6 pieces of dulce de leche. The Halo-Halo sherbet had a nice serving as well. The same could be said for the frozen braso de mercedez. The dessert samplers were a good set though out of the three, the chocolate cake is the best. Verdict: 4.5/5.

Parting words

All in all, Chef Laudico’s is a place where it takes away the notions that Filipino food is usually reserved in the house. In fact, it proves that there is a place for Filipino fine-dining restaurants. While the price is a bit steep for an everyday meal, this place is sure something to check out if you are celebrating a special occasion or if its pay day. The restaurant’s spin/take on certain Filipino dishes are amazing as what you have witnessed in the paragraphs above. On a side note, in September, the restaurant will celebrate its 6th year anniversary.


Thanks to Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico for the wonderful lunch. Another big thanks to Mark Will for the opportunity to join him for another free food trip. Also some shoutouts to Joanne and Mark Tan, Roanne Aujero, and Sumi Go who were with me at the free lunch.


Chef Laudico’s web page: http://www.cheflaudico.com.ph/

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