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A look back at Batman and Robin (PS1)

Sven’s Classics: The Adventures of Batman and Robin

It’s time …yet again…to turn back the clock and make a review/rant/reflection on a certain Batman game



Title: Batman and Robin
Playstation 1
Year: 1998


A freeze is coming


The game’s story is set on the events from the movie “Batman and Robin”. You get to choose from the three protagonist of the movie (Batman, Robin, Batgirl) as you scour Gotham City. Each character comes with a specific vehicle. Batman rides the batmobile, Robin has his motorcycle, and Batgirl has the batwing. As one of the caped characters, your mission is stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from their respective evil ventures.


Time Crisis? Somewhat

The game is ‘time bound’ so to say, for the player to get as much clues as possible to stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy’s respective plans. At first, you have to gather clues and hints to stop Freeze’s plan at the museum. Once done, you go forward to foil Poison Ivy’s plot to make Gotham City as a city of overgrown plants. Getting the clues could be a chore, as you have to get it from the random street thugs of Gotham City.

Roaming the streets of Gotham

The best part of this game is that you get to ride around Gotham and even walk around it as you scour for clues. For a PSX game, this is one good feature of Batman and Robin. What does seem rather weird is the constant exploding cars once your batmobile touches a fellow vehicle on the street. The ‘free-roam’ feel of Gotham city is very enticing indeed…but the controls would also be a turn off. The controls of the game could be an issue for most players as they are mandated to switch from ‘detective mode’ to ‘fighting mode’. They need certain moves or equipment in detective mode to fend off the gang members which could leave them open to attacks if they do not switch back to ‘fighting mode’ as soon as possible. The ‘clanky’ controls aside, the ‘crime-rate’ sprouts out often so don’t be surprised if another citizen is in need of help from a mugger.


A bust?

Many reviews for this game were unfavorable, and granted, they have their valid points. Just like the movie itself, the game wasn’t the best batman videogame out there. Though for batman fans out there, it is still a game worth trying out.

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