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WWE ’13 Roster Wishlist

13 Wishlist Items for the WWE ‘13 Roster

In a few hours, THQ will announce the entire WWE 13 roster at the Summerslam AXESS show. So far, the game’s website has revealed the following names (officially)

  • Big Show
  • Chris Jericho
  • CM Punk
  • John Cena
  • Mankind
  • Mark Henry
  • Mark Henry (Attitude Era/Nation of Domination)
  • Mike Tyson – Pre-order exclusive
  • The Miz
  • Sheamus
  • Stone Cold
  • The Undertaker (Attitude Era)

Now, this article lists around 13 superstars (past and present) that THIS writer wants to see in the game.

1. AJ – Former NXT contestant and current RAW General Manager, AJ is one of those current WWE divas I wish to see in the upcoming game. There’s a high chance for her to get in due to the fact that a) she’s in a very relevant storyline position for the past 10 months or so and b) she’s a self-confessed videogame geek (who also plays the past WWE games). Ok, so maybe the second reason is kind of weak, but since she’s the current RAW General Manager, this wish for AJ being a playable character has a high chance of being fulfilled.

2. Ryback – FEED HIM MORE! This hard-hitting wrestler made an impact during his return to the WWE this year. The man formerly known as Skip Sheffield (And Ryan Reeves from Tough Enough 4) is back and better (and badder) than ever. You’ve watched him squash 2-3 opponents in the ring at the same time…so why not do the same thing in WWE ’13 and unleash the Ryback? I know I would love to see this brawler step into the virtual ring of WWE ’13.


3. Lord Tensai – Albert/A-Train is back, and now he has some face paint. The guy who we used to taunt and advise to shave his back hair is another WWE Superstar on my WWE ’13 wishlist. As a self-confessed A-Train fan, the return of this guy makes me want to use him for the next WWE game. THQ would do me and every other Tensai fan a favor if they so choose to put him in the roster.

4. D’lo Brown (Attitude Era) – The WWE ’13 website has already revealed an Attitude era version of Mark Henry, so an Attitude Era version of D’Lo Brown shouldn’t be far behind. The WWE’s first Euro-Continental (First man to hold both the IC and European title) champion made a mark in the mid-ranks of the Attitude era by being a member of the Nation of Domination and as a partner for both Mark Henry and The Godfather. It would be lovely to see D’lo deliver the Lo Down in WWE ’13.

5. Val Venis (Attitude Era) – Helllooooo….ladies. The Big Valbowski had a certain impact during the WWE attitude days for his high-risk offense as well as his ‘risque’ character. The man who loves to gyrate for the ladies should be a shoe-in as one of WWE ‘13’s Attitude Era Superstars.

6 and 7. The Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) – They made an initial splash during the last days of WWE nXt (before it shifted focus a few months ago) and has been WWE’s top tag teams. They have garnered a couple of WWE Tag Team Title shots in recent memory as well. The only strike against them would be their former manager (AW) for making disparaging comments about Kobe…but since THQ has been hard at work with the roster even before the firing, maybe the Primetime Players would make the cut (including their controversial manager).

8. Chyna (Attitude Era) – One of the most iconic WWE Divas during the Attitude Era was Chyna. From being one of the founding members of D-Generation X to the first female IC champion, she carved a mark in the organization’s history. Her inclusion of the game is highly unlikely, hell she wasn’t even on RAW’s 1000th episode with the rest of the D-X gang, but hey…I can wish about Chyna being in the game…right?

9. The Godfather (Attitude Era) – It’s time to get aboard the …HOOOOOOOOOOO TRAAAAAIIIINNNN!~ Yes, WWE’s resident pimp-daddy himself, The Godfather is another wishful inclusion to WWE ’13. Apart from being a member in the NoD (Nation of Domination), his charisma and lady-loving ways was a staple to every edition of RAW during the Attitude Era.

10. William Regal (Atttiude Era) – Regal wasn’t in the attitude era you say? WRONG! He was! In fact he was not only one of the men during those days…but he was a REAL MAN’S MAN! Another ‘wishlist’ item that would be impossible to get is the “REAL MAN’S MAN” version of William Regal…but hey it might just happen. Probably as a DLC, but who cares? That would surely get a kick from Attitude Era fans who might’ve even created him as a player during the WWF Warzone/WWF Attitude days.

11. Trent Barretta – WHERE’S TRENT?! Hopefully, he’s in WWE ’13. The man who is usually seen on Superstars and nXt has been absent for a while in WWE programming. Sources (internet forums) say that Trent has been out due to injury. However, this hopeful Trent Barretta mark, wishes that he’d be included in WWE ’13.


12. and 13. The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg/Attitude Era) – OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW?! YOUR @$$ BETTER CALLLLL SOMEBODYYYYY!~ Two of the most iconic duos during the attitude period, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, are rumored to be part of this game. Articles from May 2012 that circled around the gaming community state that they were part of the WWE ’13 leaked roster. Rumors being true or not, it would be awesome to see these two runamuck inside the cyber wrestling ring of WWE ’13.

So that wraps up Sven’s 13 WWE Superstar/Diva wishlist. What about you? What’s your wishlist of WWE superstars and divas that you want to see on the upcoming WWE ’13 game?


2 thoughts on “WWE ’13 Roster Wishlist

    • heheh yes. Hence why i said ‘wish list’. There are doubtful items there that will be part of WWE 13 but I still can dream about them. Though it would be nice if D’lo and Chyna be part of it to add to the authentic Attitude vibe.

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