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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Countdown: Thoughts on the first tag

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is coming out on retail stores tomorrow (Sept 11, 2012), so what better time to do a short commentary about the previous version of the game?



It’s not?


Well screw you, I’ll do it anyway!


Tekken Tag Tournament 1 (Arcade/Ps2)


Initial Playthrough


Every time I played Tekken Tag Tournament 1 at the arcades, I usually pick Law and Hworang as my main team. As to why, I can give one simple answer. Back then, they were the two characters I knew how to use decently. When I first played the Tekken series (Tekken2 and 3), Lei Wulong was my main guy. However, let’s just say I felt him ‘too slow’ for ‘tag play’.



Suffice to say, at the not so tender age of 11, I got used to getting my butt kicked by more experienced arcade players when I played against them in Tekken Tag. How did I fare against the computer? Well with my ‘best’ pair of Hworang and Law, I am proud to say…I can reach level 3 or 4. There, I said it. I’m not an arcade gamer (unless you take me on in virtua NBA, then prepare to get your ass handed to you by a Hershey Hawkins led Chicago Bulls team).


The Ps2 version, however, I did fare better. Way better (thank you, ‘easy’ difficulty setting).


What I loved about the old Tekken Tag game in the console version was not just the added features (Tekken Bowl and…did I mention Tekken Bowl), but the fact that I won’t be constrained by a joystick anymore. From the Law/Hworang ‘dream team’…I did experiment on different duos on the console version. (Kazuya/Heihachi, Jin/Jun, and the weirdest of them all…Kuma/Wang).


Overall, the game did make me enjoy the fact that I can play the game in a tag like variation. If ever I feel character A is tired or boring, I switch to character B and vice versa.


Tomorrow (or in a few minutes), it will be the release date of Tekken Tag 2 in the US, UK, and even in my country (hello Philippines). So yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on a Tekken Tag 2 copy.


This has been, Sven’s random/stupid rants.


Good day.


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