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Survivor: The Interactive Game (PC) – A Look Back

Since the new season of Survivor kicked off a week ago, this author decided to turn back the hands of time and re-played one of his old games.


SURVIVOR: The Interactive Game


Fast facts

Platform: PC

Year Released: 2001

Publishers: Infogrames



The game was released during the height of the Survivor TV franchise (the first 2-3 seasons) so it had a legitimate market it could’ve captured for this game. Sadly, the gameplay, graphics, and everything else in between didn’t make this game as big of a hit like its TV counterpart.


Reliving the game



Every new game starts off with the player choosing a difficulty and a length of game play. The latter consists of three play modes that the player would wish to start. For short, it starts off with the final 6 competitors while the medium lets you start off during the time the two tribes merge. Finally, if you’re a survivor fan (such as this author), the ‘full’ game lets you experience the game of survivor from day one.


Once you get those done you get to select which tribes are facing who. The team selection only gives you the first four teams of the first two seasons (Borneo and Australia) of survivor as well as a randomly generated tribe from the 32 available players. Once you have picked your tribe, you can select your favorite cast away…or better yet create your own.




The game itself does give a good feel off the reality TV as it lets you interact with your tribe at your camp on ‘survival mode’. You get to talk to them about how they are adjusting to camp life, who do they think is strongest/weakest, and if they have a strong alliance with you or to someone else. Sadly, the handful of examples I gave you are pretty much 70% of the game’s AI script when they interact with you. And, for most of your conversation with a fellow tribemate, they pretty much repeat the same damn line.
The challenges, at first, look unique. There are races and other physical challenges for the tribes to test who is the strongest. For the puzzle makers, there are also a handful of puzzle, quiz challenges in this game so it would be a fair fight. The problem of this game’s reward/immunity challenge is that the gamer notices that they get repeated over and over again as the game of survivor progresses. There’s only so much ‘sling shot/bow and arrow’ challenges that one game has to endure. Even in the real Survivor they limit these types of challenges to TWO (or one if we’re lucky).


Tribal Council, is pretty much what you expect. Though it does take the fun out of it when they automatically show you the names of the people who were voted for, even if Jeff has yet to call out their names.



If you are a survivor fan such as myself, you’d enjoy this game and ignore all the flaws that have been mentioned above. If you are not, and you expect a solid PC game, I suggest you go waste your time on something else.

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