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Survivor: The Ultimate Edition (A look back)

A week ago, this site gave you a review on SURVIVOR: The Interactive Game. This week, in the continuation of playing Survivor-related games upon the release of the current Season (Survivor: Philippines), we give you ANOTHER installment of Sven playing videogames based on the said reality TV series.

Survivor: The Ultimate Edition

A year after the previous game, Infogrames was at it again with this iteration of the Survivor video game franchise.

This time the game sets you in the Marquesas. As the player, you can select one of the 36 castaways from the first four seasons (Paula Tiga, Australia, Africa and Marquesas).  Sadly you only get to pick from those who made it to the final 9 from each season. So fans of Boston Rob or Mike Skupin would be disappointed to hear this but they did not make the ‘roster cut’ for this game.

Compared to the last game, this edition makes you PICK the tribe members you have in your tribe so this is a plus factor from the game’s predecessor. Downside, you don’t get to choose the opposing tribe’s member…which aint that much of a downside when you think of it.

The challenges are a far cry from the last game. If the last game made you control your player and your tribemates in tribal challenges, this game lets you at it on your own. Survivor: The Ultimate Edition is more of a ‘mind/mental’ game compared to the last one which had that ‘pseudo-physical/mental’ combo. The good side of these challenges are that the player gets refreshed from the constant sling/bow and arrow games of the old game and into games such as roulette, slot machines and memorization. The downside is, there is a big gaping hole in ‘physical’ challenges that the first game had. So here, you won’t order/bark around your tribe to push a boulder, a log, or have at it in a triathlon. The immunity/reward challenges are purely in your hands, mentally.

The best part of this game, however, would be the pre-tribal council portion. Before every tribal council, you may now have an option to form a voting block/alliance with your other tribe mates against someone in your tribe. For me, this is the biggest improvement that they made from the past game. The only negative/funny part here is that sometimes, tribe members vote themselves if they have no more option.

Overall, the game ‘s ‘social aspect’ is better compared to the last game. Challenge wise, it has a notch up…had it retained certain physical challenges or ‘group’ challenges. For me, this was a fun game to play with. There can be glitches (like a ‘tribe merge’ but it’s still just your tribe) from certain save files but hopefully you get the latest patch to remedy that situation.

The Good

– Better pre-tribal council session (where you can form alliances to vote out a survivor, etc)

– The immunity/reward challenges are not fixed

– Tribal switches are awesome!

The Bad
– The Graphics could be a bit better

– You don’t get to see WHO are in the other tribe (except for one guy) in challenges until the merge or swap

– Limited selection of characters (no Boston Rob, Jeff Varner, and even Mike Skupin)


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