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Thoughts on the WWE 13 DLC

A few weeks ago, THQ revealed to the world its list of DLCs available for their upcoming videogame release of WWE 13.

This link has the list of the WWE 13 DLCs and I may say I’m impressed by the line up thus far.

From this site’s wishlist, the DLC packs have fulfilled the wishes of getting AJ, Tensai, Ryback and Val Venis so four items aint that bad in my book.

Aside from my wishlist items, I’m gladly surprised by the addition of Too Cool (Sexay, Scotty, and Rikishi) to the game as well as Rikishi’s sons (The Usos) to beef up the tag team division for the game. For me, these are solid additions as DLCs.The biggest news from the DLC list, however would be the additions of Chainsaw Charlie and Brian Pillman. For Chainsaw Charlie, this will be his wrestler’s second foray into the WWE series (first one was in an earlier iteration as Terry Funk) and fans would love to pair him up with Mick Foley once they get their hands on him.

As for Pillman, the loose canon is sure to be another favorite DLC. A former member of the Hart Foundation and a former tag team partner of Steve Austin, Pillman is certainly going to rock the screens of any WWE 13 gamer.

McIntyre, Sandow and Natalya are also good ones but you can’t help but wonder about the omitted current WWE Superstars that should’ve been in this game…DLC or not DLC.

Tyson Kidd – He’s currently one of the top performers of the WWE so I was surprised about his omission from this year’s game. For the past few months, Tyson has been a revelation. He was part of the money in the bank match for SmackDown and did a few highlights there that should have him in this game. Currently, he’s tagging up with Justin Gabriel and the two daredevils are lighting it up in the WWE tag team division.

Al Snow – The man who gave people ‘head’, and also the butt of a million jokes done by Mic Foley….it’s a shame he couldn’t be included in this game. He was one of those characters during the Atittude Era that had a fond place in my heart.

Steve Blackman – One shouldn’t forget about THIS man after talking about Al Snow. One half of the comical ‘Head Cheese’ tag team, Steve Blackman is one ‘lethal weapon’ when he steps into the ring. Hell, he can even stand toe to toe against the worlds most dangerous man himself.

Trent Baretta – Yes, Trentilocks didn’t get no love from WWE 13. I guess they have yet to find where Trent is.

There are more people I’d like to talk about that I wish were in WWE 13, but this is it for now. 15 days to go, and I can’t wait to get it. Missing ‘key wrestlers’ or not, this might be one memorable game for the year 2012.


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