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WWE ‘12: Sven’s ‘Quickie Review’

WWE ‘12: Sven’s ‘Quickie Review’

Yes, WWE 13 is just a few hours away and the fine folks of Sven’s Lazy Video Game Site (Saw what I did there?)…are LAZY to give you a full review of the past two games that came before it. So, here’s what we have instead. Enjoy.


WWE ’12 was the game that began a new series to THQ’s WWE Games. Introducing a couple of new features, this game ushered in a new era for the Sports Entertainment Video Game industry. It boasted the biggest WWE roster (including DLCs) at its time, a revamped WWE Universe Mode, a retooled Road to Wrestlemania, and introduced to us the ‘Predator System’.

The Good

+ WWE Universe Mode: The bread and butter of this series is the Universe Mode wherein there are slight improvements in terms of booking. Hell, you can now make your own show and put it on schedule too. It’s easier to put anyone in an MITB match compared to the hit and miss booking from the last game.

+ DLCs: WWE ’12 has an impressive list of DLC characters and items. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Batista and even Michael Cole made it to the DLC roster. It was surely an awesome sight to behold. Only thing that bothered me was I had to pay 99 cents for HBK when I usually had him for free in past SmackDown games. K

+ Graphics: The graphics improved by a mile from the last game. Granted, some STILL had some characters that were slightly off, but most of them were pretty much detailed.

The ‘meh’

= The Road to WrestleMania: This would’ve been in the ‘good’ had it stuck to the format of the player getting to choose which story he can play. This year was linear with some solid stories such as Triple H and Jacob Cass. Solid voice acting from the WWE Superstars and Austin Aries. However, I just got turned off in the Shaemus storyline for some reason.

The Bad


– Gameplay mechanics: One thing they tried to revamp, and they didn’t have to, was the controls of the series. Now, you can interrupt finishers and moves but when you do, the outcome looks so glitched. Instead of showing how it was interrupted via another wrestling hold, punch, etc….you’ll just see the wrestler who interrupted and the interrupted have a ‘collide’ animation where they just bump itno each other as if nothing happens. Yes, this certain animation happens even if your opponent was lifting someone in the air. So the animations of this certain thing was so bad, it just had to drag the mechanics down.


WWE ‘12 was a nice way to usher the new era of WWE games. Had they left the controls alone and just made it more fluid (instead of making it worse), I bet it wouldn’t have such a mixed review it had from other game critics. Plus points for the developers to include Randy Savage and …yes…Michael Cole as DLC wrestlers.

WWE ‘12: Sven’s ‘Quickie Review’

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