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Halloween Talk: Five Videogame Characters you do NOT want to see on your Front Door Tonight

Halloween Talk:  Five Videogame Characters you do NOT want to see on your Front Door Tonight


Halloween is here once again and the wonderful folks here at Sven’s Lazy Videogame Site (me and some random backup writer I keep on the side) want to make another ‘themed article’ for this special occasion. It’s been 2 years since we made our first obligatory Halloween post…hence we are bringing it back now!

So we bring to you a handful of videogame characters that you may not like to see at your front door for ‘trick or treat’. This list was gathered from a survey I conducted for the past week. With a staggering amount of respondents (6 people…), these were the top 5 responses/answers.

1. Slenderman (Slender): The faceless man with a suit is on the top of this list from our respondents and we can’t blame them. The scary (and debatably overrated) videogame character puts the fear into you with his literally blank face if you’d get to see him. If you’re not intimidated by the background music you’ll hear when he’s nearby…then maybe the static would do it for you. If this guy knocks at your door, just pray that there won’t be any static interference…or else, it’s game over for you.

smiling for the camera

2. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis): The man who growls ‘S.T.A.R.S.’ is not only scary, but is one of the few videogame characters (of his time) to chase your players from room to room. So if you think he’ll just stick around your front porch when you open up your door for Halloween, you have another thing coming. This trick or treater will surely chase you around your house until he gets his candy…or a S.T.A.R.S. member, whichever you are storing inside your humble abode.

3. Scissor man (Clock Tower Series): Be it the first iteration or the one with the scissor woman, a guy jumping out of a bath tub with those huge-ass scissors is SCARY! This was the character, during the 90s that was chasing around the player from room to room, before Nemesis made it look cool. If this guy comes knocking at your door…bring out a gun. Better yet, out run him and hide below your bed or inside a box, he’ll probably be too dumb and walk away wondering how the hell you disappeared.

Two Pyramid Heads are better than..NONE?

4. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill Series): The monster that made its debut in Silent Hill 2 is another scary person that this survey lists. If his looks don’t scare you, then maybe his big knife would. I’m sure he’d love to ‘stab it in you’ if he has a chance (Yeah I said it). Only thing you should be thankful for is that you’re not James Sunderland (obscure Silent Hill 2 Reference) and he’ll just walk away once he realizes it too.

5. The Butcher (Diablo Series): If you open up your door to hear some guy say ‘FRESH MEAT!’, it’s probably this guy. That hungry butcher from the Diablo series is one scary guy to displease. So if you DO have meat, toss it to him, and maybe he’ll leave you alone.

We’d like to close this Halloween related post to say thanks for your support and your time wasted in reading this article. In the process we here at Sven’s Lazy Videogame Site wish you a happy Halloween and may you have some good gaming ahead of you.

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