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Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3) – The Lazy Review

Injustice: God Among Us: The Review (in lazy format)

Injustice cover

– Story was kinda nice. Not to spoil anything but, the story highlights two realities. One main reality and one reality where a superhero has been driven ‘mad’…or something like that.

– The costumes/skins for certain characters are lovely! Harley, Cyborg and Catwoman’s respective alt outfits for the game are my favorites

– The controls are similar to a Mortal Kombat game, if you played that series. If you dont, here’s a quick rundown: there’s high attacks, low attacks, mid attacks and a ‘change stance’ button. What’s NOT similar is that the block button for this game is the d-pad direction that’s opposite to where your player is facing (the standard ‘back button’ block thing)

– DLC Red Son skins are awesome…the other DLC skins were alright as well. But seriously, Red Son Skins, awesome!

– If you’re a DC fan, you’d love Injustice: God Among Us. Truth be told, I’m NOT a DC fan…but the story and gameplay can hook you into the world of DC and see just how awesome it could be. Injustice: God Among Us is one of the titles you should try to buy for the year 2013


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