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A short interview with Gamers.PH’s Angeline Tham


A few weeks ago, I covered an event. It was a launch of Gamers.PH, a new website where gamers would log in and bid or buy some awesome videogame gear. If you want to read more about that launch, you’re probably in the wrong article. This one talks about one of its founders Angeline Tham, who is also an avid videogames fanatic.


Gamers.PH Launch

So the people here at Sven’s Lazy Videogame Site used the launch as an excuse to get to know the former World Cyber Games player.
When did you start to become a gamer? What was the first game you ever played?

I started at an early age. The first RPG game I ever played was ‘Dune’. That’s like a long time ago. I also loved those adventure games made by Sierra, so I have played games like The Quest for Glory, Liesuresuit Larry…then there was Mario, Sonic, all those games…and then Halo. That’s where the whole reason why I bought an X-Box.
We heard that the game you played/competed for in the WCG (World Cyber Games) was Halo. Is that true?

That was a long time ago, but yes I did compete once in the WCG. I love FPS games and Halo was one of those games that fueled that passion.

What other FPS games aside have you played aside from Halo?

I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The best game of that series, for me was Modern Warfare 2.  That game, I can play forever!

How are you able to maintain your work/life balance? Do you still have time for videogames?

Well, thanks to work, I’ve left tons of unfinished videogames. However, I do make it a point to try and squeeze in some gamer hours late at night or on the weekends. Currently I’m playing The Last of Us at night and it’s quite frightening…especially when you play it late at night (because that’s the only time I get free time these days). Hopefully work doesn’t take too much time…so I can get to play it a bit earlier than at night where it just makes the game a bit scarier.

Aaaannnnddd that’s all. We’d like to thank Ms. Tham for giving us an interview about her gamer life and we hope for the best in this Gamers.PH launching this month.

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