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Splinter Cell: Double Agent – The ‘Retro-view’

Splinter Cell: Double Agent – The ‘Retro-view’


Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Title: Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2)
Platform: Playstation 2
Other Platform/s: X-Box, PC, GameCube, PS3, etc…

Two Versions, One Fisher
Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a game that is true to its name. Why? Because it has TWO versions of it, no lie. This review centers on Version 2 (PS2 and Game Cube version of the game) of the game. Storywise, this version narrates the story in a ‘flash back’ perspective compared to the ‘real time’ perspective Version 1 has for Double Agent. Another difference will be told to you, dear reader, as this review moves on. The story starts off with Sam narrating the events of the game to the NSA’s Director Williams (and this basically happens throughout the game).
Playing For Two Teams
A year or so removed from Chaos Theory, Sam Fisher’s life is put into a tailspin after hearing about his daughter’s death. He doesn’t have time to grieve as Lambert puts him into a role that would have him infiltrate an organization called the JBA (John Brown’s Army). Splinter Cell: Double Agent’s theme is put into play as Sam Fisher needs to do strike a good balance of the JBA or NSA favor so either side will continue to trust him. The problem is, the game gives him several situations wherein he has to do choose one from the other. If you get a higher trust from the NSA, you get ‘high-tech’ stealth weapons. If you get a higher trust ranking from the JBA, you get some nifty ‘lethal’ guns at your disposal.
Ok maybe not real ‘mini games’, but Splinter Cell: Double Agent has a couple of puzzles that will be used throughout the game. The traditional ‘lock pick’ ability/mini game returns and it’s still as fun as before (unless you find it annoying..then it’s not so fun now isn’t it? Tough!) A new ‘mini game/puzzle’ thrown into the mix is the ‘bomb diffuser’ and I tell you it is a very good way to add more ‘drama’ into the whole game. So, while you’re still on a mission, you’ll have to diffuse a number of bombs and if you hit the wrong wire…BOOM! Game Over. It adds more tension to an already tension-filled game.
Trust? Does it Even Matter?!
Splinter Cell: Double Agent, as mentioned before, has this trust meter and it can play a huge influence on the game depending which side has more trust for Sam. However (Spoiler alert ahead!), the trust meter really doesn’t affect the main ending of the game. The 6th gen version (Version 2) of Double Agent’s main ending involves Sam taking out the bad guys before his ally dies at the hands of a splinter cell agent. Now the only modification of your ending would depend if you did or did NOT disarm certain bombs throughout the game. It will really highlight in the ‘news report’ during the ending, but aside from that…yeah the ending aint affected by your trust meter. Version 1 (7th gen consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360), however, DOES make the trust meter a big factor for the game’s ending.
Ps2 Goodies
If you were lazy to buy the latest console upon Double Agent’s release (such as this lazy ass author), you’d be in for a treat. In the PS2 version of Double Agent, you’ll be given two bonus maps to play in. If you ask me, I loved these two missions, especially the German Bunker.
In a way, Double Agent served as the ‘last hurrah’ into the ‘classic’ Splinter Cell gameplay mechanics. The story of Double Agent, for this writer, is very good. It really shows a change of Sam Fisher’s persona after dealing with the loss of his daughter and this change would be explored further in Conviction. In the end, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is one good send-off to the classic Splinter Cell series and a good game to usher in the ‘new era’ that started with Splinter Cell: Conviction.
Note: Since this writer lacks a pc or an xbox 360 to play Conviction…there’ll be no review for that game in the foreseeable future. Hell, maybe Blacklist will get a review before that will ;))…in all seriousness though, yeah this is the final Splinter Cell Game review to amp us up for the release of Blacklist. Hope you guys enjoy our Splinter Cell-themed ramblings for the past 3-4 days as much as we did 🙂 Thanks.

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