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WWE 2K14 Roster Reveal @ WWE RAW


WWE 2K14 will be hitting the shelves in October, yet we have yet to figure out which current WWE Superstars are there (sans those who have been revealed a few months back). Well, in 12 hours or less, the WWE 2k14 roster will have it’s complete reveal as WWE Raw will announce which current WWE Superstars shall appear in the game. Since our site’s pretty bored waiting for the said roster to be announced, we (or me…) made a short list of people that may be in the game


The Superstars that are ‘LIKELY’ going to be added for this game


1. Titus O’Neil – Why? Well, his partner’s there already (Darren Young) so it’s kind of an obvious inclusion

2. Jack Swagger – Just like Titus, Swagger’s partner Cesaro has been announced as a playable character. Hence, this ‘Real American’ will be a shoe-in for the game

3. Kane – Because it’ll be rather awkward if his ‘classic’ character is there yet his current character will not be included

4. The Shield – The trio made a HUGE impact last year, as well as this year, so these three will be another obvious addition to WWE 2k14!

5. Big E. Langston – Big E. is all muscle, and the master of the 5-count made a huge impact as Dolph and AJ’s bodyguard in the past months…so he’ll be here.

6. Christian – Christian? Not in this game? Yeah right! He’ll so definitely be here!

7. Mark Henry – The big man might be injured, but he’s certainly going to be in this roster. That’s what he does!

8. Sheamus – Just like Mark Henry, while injured, the Big White will defintely be part of this cast of wrestlers.

9. Bo Dallas – The current NXT champ made a splash in early 2013, and there’s no doubt his Bo-lievers will see him in WWE 2k14!

10. Curtis Axel – From a nobody named ‘Michael McGillicutty to a ‘paul heyman’ guy, Axel will surely be in this year’s title


10 People who we DOUBT will be in WWE 2K14 (though we DO want them in the game)


1. Zack Ryder – He’s had an awesome run in 2011 to 2012..but after his de-push, there’s doubt that the Woo Woo Woo Kid will make it to this year’s roster. This writer, however, is STILL hopeful that he will 🙂

2 to 4. 3MB – The Trio of Heath, Drew, and Jinder are entertaining as heck! But…there’s a big doubt that they’d all be in the game.

5 to 7. The Wyatt Family – They made a BIG splash into the main roster…but it was a couple of months ago. So by WWE Gaming logic, there’s a slim chance the creepy trio will follow the buzzards and join the WWE 2K14 roster.

8. Yoshi Tatsu – Yoshi and his Yoshi Army might be big on social media, but no amount of support might give this guy a roster spot this year

9.  Kassius Ohno – The Indy Darling formerly known as “Chris Hero” made a huge dent in the NXT roster as Kassius Ohno…but oh, no, there’s no way he’d be in this game. Just like…

10. Sammi Zane – A man from NXT who has tangled with main WWE roster guys like Cesaro and Hawkins,  Sammi might not have enough ‘star power’ to be in this game


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