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NBA 2k14: The latest edition to the 2K franchise is here!

NBA 2K14

 NBA 2K14 Launch  

NBA 2K14 has finally arrived! Yes, October 1 is here and so is the latest edition to the NBA 2K franchise.


NBA 2K14 Launch

With LeBron James as the cover athlete, expect that this game will not only feature its core game features but also a mini-game featuring King James himself. While the people here (or just me) in Sven’s Lazy Videogame Site would usually just give you a one-liner review/reaction to a game release…we got a treat for you.
The site (ok, not JUST this site…but I represented two sites so, YAY :D) actually had an invite to the nationwide launch of NBA 2k14 right here in Manila (Philippines). The NBA 2k14 press launch was held at Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro and it was awesome. X-Play, the exclusive distributor for NBA 2K14, hosted the event and had a short talk about the game. Ronald Aquino and Allen Amparo of X-Play fielded a couple of questions for the Q&A portion. One question thrown was their experience with playing NBA 2k. Ron was the guy to answer when he told the press his usual team was Boston, but he grew to like Indiana’s deep roster for this year’s title.
The press people had a chance to not only see the game, but also had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience of the latest NBA 2k title. The site’s representative (yours rockingly) had a chance to play and relive the 2013 NBA Finals. On the first playthrough, it can be said that NBA 2K14 indeed features improved graphics, soundtrack and overall presentation of the game. In terms of controls, the freestyle assist and block feature adds more player freedom on both the defensive and offensive end of the court.


While 2K sports is in a ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ type of mode for the past few years, it still keeps its fan base with subtle yet effective gameplay and visual improvements as time goes on. NBA 2K14 is an example of the franchise’s superiority in the basketball video game department.


Shout outs are in order for X-Play and Dominguez Marketing Communications, Inc for inviting the site and WIM in this amazing press launch.
p.s. Since it’s STILL October 3, 2013 as of this post…hurry! Order NBA 2k14 at any X-Play affiliate branch in the Philippines and get a chance to win free tickets to the NBA Global Games between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. Click here for more info!
p.p.s. Click here for the Wheninmanila.com writeup.

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