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My Gamer Life in 2013

Injustice cover


My Gamer Life in 2013 (Fill in the blanks style)


Now we don’t…well, I don’t usually do stuff like this but it does feel like an awesome time to blog about the year that was as a gamer. Since it’s the holidays and I doubt you really want a whole paragraph about how I played as one, let’s just put it on pretty bullet points. Sounds good? Yes? Good!


The Game I played the most this year was…Marvel: Avengers Alliance (almost 1-2 hours a day of gameplay…even playing it right now). NBA 2k13 and NBA 2k14 are second and third place respectively


In 2013, I realized that…The Spies vs Mercs mode of Splinter Cell: Blacklist is highly addictive!


The game that made me know that ‘patience is a virtue was’…buying Injustice on April…and finding out that November released Injustice with DLC characters and costumes.


Here come the big guns

Steal of the year purchase was…The Mass Effect Trilogy which I got from a toycon. Sadly, the DLCs are usedbut…eh so long as I got the three games at 50% off, it’s all good to me. So much for all the war assets though…


If there was one videogame I WISH I had this year, it would beThe Last of Us or Tales of Xilla


A game I did not mind missing out on in 2013 was…Resident Evil Revelations. Coming from a fan of the series, it sounds blasphemous, but hell..I’m waiting for the ‘gold edition’ to make it cheaper on the wallet.

NBA 2k Michael Jordan

My Gamer Wish in 2014 is…For 2K sports to stop the whole VC concept in the NBA 2k series or just keep it for use in the my career ‘stats’ and ‘my player locker’…and not for lineup changes or other mundane tasks in their other features. Sorry but the VC thing sucks and you know it. Wake up 2k Sports, Live series is already horrible. Don’t follow suit.


The game title/s I’m looking forward to in 2014 is/are…South Park: The Stick of Truth and Persona 5 (Ultimate troll move for the Persona series would be if this game is the dance game…such trolls).

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