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The Walking Dead: Telltale Games Season 1 Review

The Walking Dead Telltale Games Season 1The Walking Dead: Telltale Games Season 1 Review

(Author’s notes: The Walking Dead Season 4’s last episode is only HOURS away…so what better way to celebrate that than a TWD Related review?)
The Walking Dead: Telltale Games was released during 2012 and has been a hit. The initial five episodes gained a following that it warranted a DLC and a second season (currently at episode 2 as of this writing). The people of this website were wondering what’s with all the hype. So…here’s the review.

The Good
+ Characters: The main character, Lee Everett, is one awesome guy. He isn’t the most kick ass main guy in a videogame but he’s got a pretty awesome backstory to him when the entire season plays out. There are likable characters in Season 1 that will keep you emotionally invested such as Clem, Omid, Kenny and the rest of the gang.
+ Episodes 2 and 3: This is where the crux of my ‘feels moments’ hit. Episode two shows a very dark side of humanity once the whole zombie apocalypse hit. A little spoiler, it will make you think twice of the meat you eat if ever a walker invasion occurs. In Episode three, you’ll have a very emotional parting with one Lee’s travel companions. For me, these two episodes are the ones that struck an emotional cord during my play through.

The Meh:
= A couple of ‘derped up’ moments: While the game has some awesome moments, it does have select scenes that left me scratching my head. Lee, doing his best ‘The Room’ impersonation, asks a corpse if he’s dead already. I was not sure of what to make of it, a homage or Lee just ‘derped up’. Nonetheless that instance did get a slight laugh on my end, while still being confused as to why he’d ask in the first place.


The Bad:
The Click of ‘Destiny’: Regardless of what ‘major decisions’ you have picked, the end game still happens to be the same. For example, you save character A instead of B in at a store in episode one, they die in 2-3 eps from now. If you chose character B, B STILL dies at the exact same episode and predicament. It’s like the first few minutes of the movie ‘Time Machine’ (The movie w/ Samantha Mumba).

The Walking Dead game is a spectacular game. From the gameplay and the characters, the game just pulls you into its story. While I am disappointed as to how ‘major decisions’ don’t affect the real ending but it still was awesome. I’m one of the people who agree with Greg Miller from IGN when he said the following – “The Walking Dead: The Game is like a coloring book: we each have the same black and white sketch, but it’s up to us to fill it in as we see fit.”
While the endgame is the same, you still get interested in playing the game over again to see the different dialogues and sequences you might get from choosing another big time decision in the next play through.



The Walking Dead: Telltale Games Season 1 Review


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