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Easter Sunday Spectacular – My Top 5 Favorite Videogame Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday Spectacular – My Top 5 Favorite Videogame Easter Eggs


Easter Sunday is here. So bring out ALL the Easter eggs! Here’s a list of five video game Easter eggs I’ve enjoyed seeing as a videogamer.




5. Shadow Warrior – Speed Racer

‘Go Speed Racer, Goooo!’ Those immortal words uttered by the game’s main character always cracked up the 8 year old in me while I was playing Shadow Warrior. This ‘cheap knock off’ of Duke Nukem 3D had its funny moments and this little Speed Racer easter egg was one of them.




4. Duke Nukem 3D – Pick Up Bart


Duke Nukem 3D was known for being one game filled with inside jokes, pop culture references, and Duke’s one liners. In a nod to the Simpsons, developers put in a very important ‘pick up bart’ message in one of the game’s stages. Another Simpsons reference in the game would be the ‘sector 7G control panel’ at the ‘atomic’ level.




3. Silent Hill 2 – Dog(e) Ending

After you acquire all the other endings, this easter egg will be unlocked. Once you use the dog key at some doghouse, it is revealed that it was a dog that’s running the show all along. Very surprising. Such ending. Much plot twists.



No easter eggs? (Credit: Gta.cz)

No easter eggs? (Credit: Gta.cz)


2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – There are no easter eggs here


This has been mentioned by one of my earlier entries…but it’s so fun bringing it up again! GTA:SA has been one of my favorite games in the GTA series and its Easter Eggs such as this sign that made me like it more.





1. Metal Gear Solid – Psycho Mantis ‘reads your mind’

Metal Gear Solid (ps1) introduced us to one of the most interesting boss characters in Pyscho Mantis. The man can literally read your mind (unless you put your controller in port two then..he’s pretty much toast) and it shows when he can reead your memory card. If you had a memory card loaded with other Konami games (castlevania and suikoden to name a few), then he can mention that you do play them. If you thought that was the last time you’d see him, you’d be sorely mistaken. He makes another appearance in MGS 4 in what I feel is the most hilarious tribute to his character.

And that’s my personal top 5 videogame Easter Eggs. If you have your list of favorite videogame easter eggs, don’t be shy…comment on the blog post and share yours.


Easter Sunday Spectacular – My Top 5 Favorite Videogame Easter Eggs


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