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2014 NBA Playoffs – First Round Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)

2014 NBA Playoffs – First Round Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)


Disclaimer: This is just a videogame simulation. The results in this blog entry does NOT reflect the real life results of the current 2014 NBA Playoffs. These results reflect the outcomes of said match ups had it been done in simulation via NBA 2k14





Indiana Pacers (1) vs Atlanta Hawks (8)



The Pacers almost made that costly mistake of underestimating their opponent. The Hawks yet again forced a first seeded opponent to 7 games (the last time was in 2008 vs the Celtics). While they didn’t win this time, they still proved to the Pacers that they shouldn’t have taken them lightly. George led the Pacers with 19.7 points per game while Atlanta’s L. Williams led the series in points with 19.9 PPG.



Game 1: ATL 103 @ IND 118

Game 2: ATL 106 @ IND 92

Game 3: IND 104 @ ATL 90

Game 4: IND 107 @ ATL 108

Game 5: ATL 92 @ IND 117

Game 6: IND 103 @ ATL 106

Game 7: ATL 89 @ IND 123

First Round Results: Pacers win 3 – 4


Chicago Bulls (4) vs Washington Wizards (5)



This series highlighted the amazing offensive abilities of John Wall. Sadly, even a 50-pt outburst in game two couldn’t save the Wizards from a 4-0 sweep. Boozer led the way for Chicago with 22.5 PPG, even in the final game wherein he bruised a knee. Boozer is currently day-to-day but will still manage to play for the next round. In his losing effort, John Wall led the Wizards in the series with 25.5 PPG and 9.7 APG.




Game 1: WAS 84 @ CHI 101

Game 2: WAS 113 @ CHI 129

Game 3: CHI 108 @ WAS 104

Game 4: CHI 112 @ WAS 90

First Round Results: Bulls sweep Wizards 4-0


Toronto Raptors (3) vs Brooklyn Nets (6)




The Nets showed Toronto that experience can trump playoff seeding. However, it took them seven games to prove that. The younger Raptors made it a see-saw battle until the veteran Nets took care of them in game seven with the score 97-90. Deron Williams led the way for Brooklyn with 16.9 PPG and 6 APG. Derozan led the Raptors in points with 20 PPG.



Game 1: BKN 111 @ TOR 115

Game 2: BKN 91 @ TOR 89

Game 3: TOR 127 @ BKN 101

Game 4: TOR 113 @ BKN 95

Game 5: BKN 108 @ TOR 102

Game 6: TOR 90 @ BKN 99

Game 7: BKN 97 @ TOR 90

First Round Results: Nets win 4-3


Miami Heat (2) vs Charlotte Bobcats (7)




After LeBron James got injured in Game 1, the Heat looked as if they’d fall the same fate as their Finals opponent. However, they bounced back after trailing 0-2 and took back their home court advantage in the 3rd and 4th games of the series. With Wade and Bosh leading the charge, and a lucky break with Al Jefferson being sidelined after Game 4, the Heat made it past the Bobcats in seven games. They avoided repeating their downfall during the 2007 playoffs when the defending champs lost to Chicago in the first round. Wade led the way with 25.1 PPG and 5.6 APG for the Heat while Bosh added 19 PPG and 8 RPG. Before leaving the series, Al Jefferson run the Bobcats with an amazing 25 PPG and 11 RPG while Kemba Walker added 17.9 PPG and 6.4 APG. No word yet on if James will return in the second round for Miami. If not, the rest of the Heat seem poised to continue the push to the NBA Finals.



Game 1: CHA 115 @ MIA 103

Game 2: CHA 103 @ MIA 94

Game 3: MIA 83 @ CHA 82

Game 4: MIA 119 @ CHA 114

Game 5: CHA 74 @ MIA 104

Game 6: MIA 88 @ CHA 105

Game 7: CHA 87 @ MIA 93

First Round Results: Heat win 4-3






San Antonio Spurs (1) vs Dallas Mavericks (8)





In one of the BIGGEST upsets in the simulation, the eight seeded Mavericks overthrew the top seed and the defending Western Conference Champions in the San Antonio Spurs. After taking away the home court advantage in the first two games, Dallas didn’t give the Spurs a chance to regain the series by sweeping them entirely. Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki led the Dallas charge by scoring 30.0 ppg in all four games. This series ironically reflected two bad memories for both teams. In the Maverick’s case it was a reverse of what happened to them in the 2007 first round playoffs when the 8th seeded Warriors overthrew them in 6 games. For the Spurs, this would be the second time they were taken out by an eight seeded opponent in the first round after their 2011 exit against the Memphis Grizzlies in six games. What stings this time, however, was that they got swept. Tony Parker led Spurs with 21 PPG and 5.7 APG in their losing effort




Game 1: DAL 139 @ SA 122

Game 2: DAL 100 @ SA 96

Game 3: SA 82 @ DAL 122

Game 4: SA 87 @ DAL 116

First Round Results: Mavericks sweep Spurs 4-0


Houston Rockets (4) vs Portland Trailblazers (5)




Try as they might, the Blazers couldn’t overcome the balanced attack of the Rockets. If it wasn’t Harden torching them in Games 1 and 2, it would be Dwight Howard putting up a 20-10 performance on the last two games. While they lost the series, you can’t blame Portland for the lack of trying. Barring their game 2 defeat, their defeat margin were less than 10 points against the Rockets. Dwight Howard finished this series with 27 PPG and 8 RPG while Harden had 22 PPG. LaMarcus Aldridge led the way for Portland with 27 PPG and 10 RPG while Damian Lillard had 19.5 PPG.



Game 1: POR 110 @ HOU 113

Game 2: POR 102 @ HOU 117

Game 3: HOU 151 @ POR 147

Game 4: HOU 100 @ POR 92

First Round Results: Rockets sweep Blazers 4-0


Los Angeles Clippers (3) vs Golden State Warriors (6)



The Warriors stole a home game against the Clippers, but the latter fought back to gain a foothold of the series and never looked back. Blake Griffin led the charge throughout the course of the series with 21 PPG and 11.8 RPG while Danny Granger added 18.2 PPG. The Warriors were led by the splash brothers with Klay Thompson having 26.7 PPG and Curry adding 20.7 PPG.



Game 1: GS 111 @ LAC 125

Game 2: GS 102 @ LAC 105

Game 3: LAC 106 @ GS 111

Game 4: LAC 112 @ GS 119

Game 5: GS 111 @ LAC 115

Game 6: LAC 128 @ GS 104

First Round Results: Clippers win 4-2




Oklahoma City Thunder (2) vs Memphis Grizzlies (7)




In one of the more intense battles in the first round, the Memphis/OKC series proved to be anyone’s ball game. After being down 3-1, Memphis forced a seventh game to decide the series. In the end, the combo of Durant and Westbrook overcame the defensive structure of Memphis. Durant led the Thunder with 30.7 PPG while Westbrook added 23.7 PPG. Mike Conley was Memphis’ leading scorer with 14.3 PPG.



Game 1: MEM 85 @ OKC 115

Game 2: MEM 89 @ OKC 84

Game 3: OKC 121 @ MEM 94

Game 4: OKC 124 @ MEM 96

Game 5: MEM 103 @ OKC 99

Game 6: OKC 80 @ MEM 108

Game 7: MEM 82 @ OKC 118

First Round Results: Thunder wins 4-3



2014 NBA Playoffs – First Round Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)

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