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Gordon Hayward and Videogames

Gordon Hayward and VideogamesGordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz


Thanks to a couple of friends…we got a minute or two to chat with NBA Player Gordon Hayward. He made a pit-stop in Manila, Philippines for a couple of NBA related events. In his media interview at the local KFC outlet, he talked about how he plays videogames in his spare time. Lo and behold, our webmaster (who also wrote this for wheninmanila.com…click that link on the previous sentence cause we’re too lazy for TWO outbound links.) took the bait and had to ask him a few questions relating to our FAVORITE topic in this site..VIDEOGAMES!


Gordon-Hayward-and-Tina Thompson-Visit-Manila-When-in-Manila-07Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz…using my black marker (Photo from: Wheninmanila.com)


Gordon Hayward admitted to being a big fan of LoL as well as some interesting discoveries. His favorite videogame ‘of all time’ (Hantz, 2013) is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Utah Jazz Forward currently plays League of Legends and his favorite character to use is Tryndamere. Even his twitter post back in 2012 proved that he takes his gaming seriously. Sadly that’s all the videogame questions we got to talk to him since the source was too ‘star struck’ to continue…or was too worried to get some cards to be autographed.




Seriously though, thanks to the event organizers, to wheninmanila.com and to Gordon Hayward for showing that even NBA Superstars got ‘game’ even in the videogame realm. Oh, also, mad thanks for this…


Gordon Hayward and Videogames

And Gordon, if you’re reading this…if the two other cards I gave you aint aĀ  fair trade uhm…I’ll hunt down Reggie Miller for ya and get his autograph (or try to buy some rare Miller cards) so I give it to ya next time we meet in your second visit in Manila. In all honesty, it’s been a pleasure to meet ya dude šŸ˜€ You’re awesome…so stay awesome!


Gordon Hayward and Videogames

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