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2014 NBA Playoffs – Second Round Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)

2014 NBA Playoffs – Second Round Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)


Disclaimer: This is just a videogame simulation. The results in this blog entry does NOT reflect the real life results of the current 2014 NBA Playoffs. These results reflect the outcomes of said match ups had it been done in simulation via NBA 2k14. Check this link for the previous round results



Indiana Pacers (1) vs Chicago Bulls (4)


NBA Playoffs 2014 Results


Both teams had a storied rivalry with each other and this round added yet another chapter to the said story. It was a very physical series, with key players getting injured for both teams. After seven games, it was Chicago who had the narrow victory over the Pacers. Chicago will go to the Eastern conference finals for the second time in five years but they will have a key member missing at the first few games of the series in the form of Mike Dunleavy Jr., who went out at the late stages of Game Seven with a broken wrist. Indiana took some injuries as well during the series with CJ Watson leaving Game 5 (torn MCL) and George Hill being hurt in Game 3 (Strained Groin). Another noteworthy thing about this series is that the Bulls held the Pacers below the 100 pt scoring mark in every Chicago victory. Carlos Boozer lead the charge with 20.5 PPG while Noah added 14.4 PPG and 10 RPG in this series.



Game 1: CHI 89 @ IND 101

Game 2: CHI 93 @ IND 102

Game 3: IND 90 @ CHI 93

Game 4: IND 89 @ CHI 99

Game 5: CHI 93 @ IND 111

Game 6: IND 87 @ CHI 96

Game 7: CHI 89 @ IND 85



Miami Heat (2) vs Brooklyn Nets (6)


NBA Playoffs 2014 Results


On paper, it was supposed to be a balanced series, but the defending champs overpowered the Nets in this one. They swept their opponents and got a big boost from a returning LeBron James. The King made his return during game 2 of the series and bolstered the offensive game of Miami. Dwayne Wade still led the charge for this series, however, with 25.9 PPG and 8.5 APG. LeBron added 21.5 PPG while Bosh had 19.5 PPG and 8.4 RPG. Deron Williams led the Nets with 17.7 PPG.



Game 1: BKN 81 @ MIA 103

Game 2: BKN 116 @ MIA 126

Game 3: MIA 90 @ BKN 82

Game 4: MIA 127 @ BKN 84




Houston Rockets (4) vs Dallas Mavericks (8)



NBA Playoffs 2014 Results


The Cinderella story of the Mavericks stopped once the Rockets took care of their Texan rivals in this round. There were a couple of close games here that ended with some buzzer beaters. Monta Ellis provided the win with a buzzer beating jump shot to give the Mavs a 117-116 victory in game 4. Patrick Beverly, however, upped the ante with a three point shot in game five to take the 97-96 victory. Houston took care of the Mavericks once and for all in the sixth game with a 110-99 victory. Monta Ellis led all scorers in the series with 26.0 PPG and 2.3 SPG while Dirk added 24.5 PPG. The Rockets were led by Howard 20.7 PPG and 8.7 RPG while Harden chipped in 20.3 PPG and 8.9 APG in the series.



Game 1: DAL 104 @ HOU 112

Game 2: DAL 109 @ HOU 97

Game 3: HOU 119 @ DAL 110

Game 4: HOU 116 @ DAL 117

Game 5: DAL 96 @ HOU 97

Game 6: HOU 110 @ DAL 99


Oklahoma City Thunder (2) vs Los Angeles Clippers (3)




The Clippers and the Thunder slugged it out in this series until the final game. Durant and company tries to pull all the stops but the tandem of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul were too much for them. Blake led all scorers in LA with 21.5 PPG and 10.4 RPG. Durant led the Thunder with a series high 30.6 PPG in the seven game series.



Game 1: LAC 104 @ OKC 99

Game 2: LAC 118 @ OKC 126

Game 3: OKC 109 @ LAC 105

Game 4: OKC 98 @ LAC 107

Game 5: LAC 122 @ OKC 111

Game 6: OKC 117 @ LAC 104

Game 7: LAC 112 @ OKC 98



2014 NBA Playoffs – Semis Results (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)


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