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2014 NBA Playoffs – NBA FINALS (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)

2014 NBA Playoffs – NBA FINALS (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)





Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Clippers


A season or two ago, most people anticipated/wanted Miami vs LA. Finally, it has arrived in the form of the Heat vs the CLIPPERS! The Heat started off the series strong by getting the 3-0 lead until the Clippers got the next two games in 4 and 5. Game six sealed the victory and the three-peat for Miami with the 126-91 victory. LeBron James led the way for the Finals with 32 PPG and 8.1 APG while Wade added 25.3 PPG and led Miami in Game 6 with 38 points to seal the win. Jamal Crawford led the Clippers with 19.3 PPG and had a 38 point performance in game five to extend the series to six games. Blake Griffin added 18.2 PPG in the series before he got injured in Game 4.




Game 1: LAC 106 @ MIA 111

Game 2: LAC 87 @ MIA 100

Game 3: MIA 108 @ LAC 104

Game 4: MIA 94 @ LAC 123

Game 5: MIA 99 @ LAC 116

Game 6: LAC 91 @ MIA 126







Biggest Shocker: Dallas sweeps San Antonio


My ‘Feel Good’ Matchup: Dallas vs San Antonio


Disappointing Matchup: Heat vs Nets (Nets got Swept)


Interesting Scoring Nights: John Wall’s 50 pt outburst (Wizards vs Bulls), Jimmer Fridette’s 27 point performance (Bulls vs Heat) and Jamal Crawford’s 38 pt performance (Clippers vs Heat).






This ends the NBA 2K14 simulation of the 2014 NBA Playoffs. We have seen surprising outcomes, disappointing performances and ‘feel good’ stories in this simuation. There are a couple of results that I wish could’ve happened in real life, while there are some that I’m glad didn’t happen in real life (like injuries to LeBron and even Blake). As you can see, this is the outcome of MY NBA 2K14 simulation of this year’s Playoffs, care to share me YOUR simulated results? Just hit up the comments section below 😀



2014 NBA Playoffs – NBA FINALS (The NBA 2k14 Simulation)


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