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Rampage 2014 – Random Sights and Sounds


Rampage 2014 – Random Sights and Sounds


Rampage 2014 was an event wherein the League of Legends (LOL) fanbase in the Philippines converged and witnessed some spectacular events. There was an eating contest, a cosplay contest, a raffle draw, and all-star match and of course, the tournament that determined the team that will represent the Philippines in the Garena Premier (and we’re not talking about ‘Glee’) Regionals! With an even this huge, you’re bound to see some random and itneresting sights and sounds. So..Martin V, our Philippine correspondent, is here to give us a few snapshots of his interesting finds – Sven D Lazy

Coming to you live from the World Trade Center in Pasay City…it’s RAMPAGE 2014. Here’s some interesting sights and pics that only WE can deliver to you, dear readers. Because only in Rampage 2014 can you see a number of interestingly RANDOM stuff like…


1. Huge Product Placements



2.Ghostbusters in the Let’s Dance Booth


3. Speaking of Dancing…


4. These two chick danced off to Fandango’s theme


5. We Saw Gorgeous Katarina Cosplays


6. Ezreal being so…”Debonair”


7. Officer Caitlyn and Her Huge Gun…


8. Awesome Kid Cosplayers


9. After the Cosplay Contest, I saw Mordekaiser Chillin’ with the Kids…


10. A Budding Bromance???


11. Garen and ‘His Friend’ Going KAWAII!


12. …and I Ended My Day w/ a Free Hug 😀

Yes, Rampage 2014 was a fun event to attend to due to the atmosphere, the games and the crowd. I loved the energy and the mixture of the people in the WTC especially during the raffle portions. I can’t elaborate but let’s just say we ALL chanted the same thing as they drew a no. from the box 😀 I might not be a LOL player but the LOLPh community still made this outsider feel so much at home. So yeah, if any of you are reading this..stay awesome 😀 On an interesting note, Rampage 2014 become the first LEGIT~! event coverage for this blog and I’m thankful for that. Shout out to Dominguez Marketing Communications Inc. for the invite to Rampage 2014. FYI: Watch out for the real and ‘more serious’ article writeup of this event in the coming days.



And for those people who want some more ‘hot cosplays’…fine…here’s a gratuitous butt shot of Katarina…



Rampage 2014 – Random Sights and Sounds


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