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10 Things I (actually) Liked About Suikoden IV

Suikoden IV

10 Things I (actually) Liked About Suikoden IV



As a self-confessed Suikoden fan, it has come to my attention that Suikoden IV is hitting its Tenth Year Anniversary…TODAY (August 19th, its Japanese release date)! Yes, I’ve told my friends in the past that I didn’t quite enjoy playing Suikoden IV as much as I did the other titles. So you could imagine what they think after I said that. Probably it would be within the lines of ‘gee, I guess he hates it’.

Let me assure you, dear readers, I actually DID enjoy Suikoden IV. In commemoration of its 10 years, and in no particular order, here are TEN things that I (actually) liked about Suikoden IV.



1. You are a ‘pirate’!

YAR! One of the best things in Suikoden IV is traveling around the Island Nations in a huge boat and being with PIRATES! Yes, pirates!



2.The Soundtrack

Players can rag about the gameplay, the less superior storyline and even Chiepoo being the ‘Jar Jar’ of the game. You cannot, however, talk bad about the sound track. I loved the opening theme of Suikoden IV (La Mer) and the rest of the in-game soundtrack.


3. The Rune of Punishment

This has to be one of the most intriguing runes I’ve ever encountered in Suikoden’s lore (next to the Rune of the Beginning in Suikoden II). The rune of punishment’s tragic story might be one of Suikoden IV’s positive points in terms of storyline.



4. Ted returns

McDohl’s best friend makes his return to the series in Suikoden IV! When you recruit Ted, enjoy wreaking havoc on your opponents with BOTH the rune of Punishment and the Soul Eater rune. I really had a blast having him in my party.



5. Confession

The “confession” feature of Suikoden IV is one feature that replaced Richmond and Kidd’s investigations. It’s not as “in-depth” as the previous iterations but I find certain confessions hilarious.



6. Ritapon

I have no idea why but…it was quite an addicting mini-game



7. Kika – One bad ass lady pirate

Kika pwns the competition. ‘Nuff said.

8. Suikoden Tactics


The spin-off of Suikoden IV was Suikoden Tactics. For me, it was a welcomed addition to the Suikoden series. Acting as a sequel (and a prequel during the first part of the game) to Suikoden IV, it gave more insights on the Kolook Empire.



9. Snowe’s “Pirate Outfit”

a.k.a. the ‘emo kid’ outfit. It was worth roaming around that specific island to get this outfit.

10. The Legend of Schtolteheim Reinbach III


Ever since I first played Suikoden II, I was captivated by the name Schtolteheim Reinbach III. I was wondering who the hell this guy was. His name appeared AGAIN in Suikoden I and III. Thanks to Suikoden IV, we finally saw the man behind the name. The LEGEND that is Schtolteheim Reinbach III made his in-game debut and I LOVED it. The game explained that it was Micky (his “manservant”) who spread the legend through his writing of Reinbach’s supposed heroic deeds. Henceforth, after the events of Suikoden IV, Reinbach III was like the ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ of its generation.

Well, that’s my list of the ten things I (ACTUALLY…) liked about Suikoden IV. If you want to check out more about Suikoden IV or other Suikoden related articles, stories, etc…go to Konami UK’s suikoden blog (one of the sites which are currently celebrating Suikoden Day 2014). If you’re a fellow Suikoden fan and you wanna be part of something awesome…join me and the others in the Suikoden Revival Movement! 😀

10 Things I (actually) Liked About Suikoden IV

8 thoughts on “10 Things I (actually) Liked About Suikoden IV

  1. 11. The character of Lino En Kuldes. One of the greatest and coolest leaders seen in a Suikoden game to date, i think. Very level headed and i appreciate his unpretentious ways of being a king.

  2. I like how they humbled the character of Snowe by breaking him down. And Ted was easily Suikoden IV’s game-breaker character.

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