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Rampage 2014 – The Clash of Champions


Rampage 2014 – The Clash of Champions

Last August 16th was one for the books for all the League of Legends fans. Rampage 2014, the BIGGEST LOL event in the Philippines was back in action. Backed by Game-X and Smart Communications Inc., the latest incarnation of Rampage was a huge draw for the people in attendance.


awesomekid2Super Galaxy Rumble  Kid

The event started with the Cosplay Clash hosted by GG Sphere and Heartseeker Miao. There were numerous cosplayers that impressed the crowd with their realism and similarities to their LOL counterparts. A couple of standout cosplayers were the kid in the Super Galaxy Rumble costume and that slick cosplay of Katarina (especially when she kicked the s*** out of Garen on stage).

Winners of the Cosplay Competition

There were some other interesting moments from Cosplay Clash we can tell you, like a certain cosplayer handing some flowers to his girlfriend and that dance-off to the tune of Fandango’s theme song.



Team Smart Bro vs Team Smart Prepaid was the first clash of LOL champions we witnessed at Rampage 2014. Team Smart Bro (WG JLC, IPT Kaigu, Arajaja, trsprr.MLE.Exo and trsprr.ML3 Tge) defeated Team Smart Prepaid (IPT hero, Diamond meme, WG trebor, PCFC vyy and Diamond Shura) in an epic clash which saw Team Smart Bro dominate them 31-13. The tournament matches featured on Rampage 2014 were Team Manila Eagles vs Team Mineski and Team Diamond vs Team Wargods. Team Manila Eagles won over Team Mineski to advance to the final round, but there was a tie between Diamond and Wargods. (Author’s note: Team Wargods won in their August 20 rematch against Team Diamond, setting up the PGS 2014 Summer Seasons Finals match of Team Wargods vs Team Manila Eagles on August 24, 2014, 12 noon Manila time on http://www.twitch.tv/garenaphesports )


finals match

The clash of LOL champions is a suitable tittle for Rampage 2014 as it showcased the country’s best LOL players duke it out on the cyberstage. I’m not the biggest LOL fan (hell, the writing staff doesn’t even play it…I used to play DOTA, does that count? OF COURSE NOT!) but the matches I witnessed upon the stage were battles of epic proportions that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for me to step into the virtual arena and play this game in the near future. For now, I’m just looking forward to dropping by Rampage 2015 to see how bigger this LOL event will grow in the next few years. Again, thanks to Dominguez Marketing for the invite to this very exciting event. More power to you all, champions.


Rampage 2014 – The Clash of Champions

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