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A Brief Talk with Against the Current on Video Games (or something similar to that)


A Brief Interview with Against the Current on Video Games (or something similar to that)

So you might already know that my ‘alter ego’ of Martin V also writes for a popular lifestyle magazine called wheninmanila.com. You ALSO know him as the same Martin V who tries to hide his last name to ‘save face’ and is also writing for that sexy site (HEY THAT WASN’T PART OF THE DAMN SPIEL!) It is now, Martin, get over it.

Anyway, he met with YouTube superstars Alex Goot and Against the Current last week and boy does he have a ‘brief’ story for you – Sven D Lazy



Hi guys. Popular YouTube people, namely Alex Goot and Against the Current, made their way to Asia for their South East Asia + Australia Tour 2014. I was lucky enough to get the ‘free pass’ to interview them for a blog in a press conference at one fancy hotel/casino establishment. What came after the interview proper was a surprise. You see, 50% of the performers were actual gamers and you wouldn’t believe who they are (actually you WOULD believe who they are).


I had this brief chat with all three members of Against the Current about video games and here’s what happen.


Me: “Chrissy, saw one of your videos and you doing some LOL character voice. That was awesome, dude. It was Annie right?”
Chrissy: “Yep. Thanks :D”



Against the Current lead singer Chrissy Costanza actually delved in the League of Legends game and has told her fans about that in an ‘Ask Chrissy’ Video. Her favorite character is Annie. So yeah, that’s 2 famous people I’ve met who play League of Legends (the other one being Gordon Hayward). You can check 0:48 to 1:23 of this link to hear the very adorable voice rendition of Annie by Chrissy. Back to our story…


Me: “So do these two guys also play LOL?”


The question was somewhat answered but I forgot how it went due to me trying to hold in my ‘fan boy’ inside. Imagine, I had conversation with ALL three members of one of my favorite YouTube bands. How I did not freak out was a test of strength alone. But enough about me talking about me…let’s talk about me…talking about them and video games.


I was hearing games like CoD and other shooters come out..until I heard two words I loved: “MOUNT AND BLADE!



Apparently, Daniel Gow (guitars) is an avid M&B player like me. Heck, he was even a BIGGER Mount & Blade gamer. After walking past Chrissy and Will (I am so sorry Ms. Costanza..the call of the game was too strong. Please accept my week delayed apology of breaking mid-conversation to go over to your band mate and geek out on a video game. I doubt you’re reading this but if you do…yeah, sorry. And I’m totally stoked you wore that bracelet I gave ya.), I continued my journey and talked shop with Daniel.


Me: Oh my god. You also play that game?
Daniel: I played hundreds of hours on that game.

Me: Dude I like spent almost my college life (fact checker: No, you got it mid 2008 thanks to Kevin.) on that game!

Daniel: Dude, I like played 900 hours of that game and there’s like a new one coming out

Me: Mount & Blade 2?

Daniel: Yeah dude.
Me: Dude….


That’s right folks; it’s getting a REAL sequel. Still under development, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will be a prequel to the M&B: Warband game. Well that left Will who said he doesn’t do videogames but hell that doesn’t make him ‘boring’ to me. He’s still one of the most awesome drummers in the world. So yeah, that’s my brief talk with ATC on…VIDEO GAMES! (after that we had to leave the premises due to a meet and greet a few minutes later but that’s another story)


You can check out the main press conference article here

The concert writeup itself can be accessed here


Spoiler: Speaking of video games that I played throughout my college life, one game surely had an impact just as much as Mount & Blade did. The Sims 2! Watch out for the site’s special Sims 2 10th year anniversary showcase. But for now, here’s a pic of Chrissy in a panda hoodie 😀




For those ATC and Alex Goot fans in Australia, they’re coming there on Sept 3 and 5 to wrap up their Asia/Australia tour. So if you’re a gootiescooties or part of the ATC family, you should try to get a ticket cause they rock the house down!

A Brief Talk with Against the Current on Video Games (or something similar to that)


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