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Sims 2 10th Year Anniversary Special: Word on The Street


Sims 2 10th Year Anniversary Special: Word on The Street


Sims 2 has hit the big 1-0 and this site is here to celebrate it with more than one entry. Yes folks, we won’t be lazy on this special occasion. You’ve read my previous entry and now let’s hear what the people on the interwebs has to say about Sims2. Read their shared experiences, comments, and others on this Sims 2 special!


snapshot_20bf1edd_20bf2026My ‘Sim Me’ reading through the feedback


“Gameplay wise there was improvement from the older Sims game. For me, though, I was more interested in the mechanics of the buildings and items vs social mechanics. I still find it weird how you can work the game to get married in a day.”Ironic Gamer 86 of Channelfourteen.com’s 3rd World Gaming


“I loved the improvement of the graphics, it was a huge jump from The Sims 1 to The Sims 2, and my sims seemed a lot more real. I obviously liked the storytelling aspect of it. While shooting my last chapter ever, I had the awesome idea of having a huge fire in the story. So I downloaded “fake fire” that wouldn’t burn my sims and would let me use buy/build mode. As I was taking the pictures I noticed the smell of burnt plastic, but I didn’t think much of it and continued taking pictures. It wasn’t until the next time I tried to turn on my computer that I realized it wasn’t working anymore. I burned my NVIDIA graphics card, and had to settle for an Intel basic.” – Ricardo R


The Sims 2 has a charm to it, that no other game since has been able to match. There was so much depth in Sims, families and relationships, that I was able to get lost in the game for days (yes days!) on end! The one thing I will never forget, was the first time a satellite fell on my Sim. It was terrible! D: ” – Alexis B from SimsVIP.com


“Storytelling, definitely. I’ve always been a storyteller and the Sims was a great creative outlet for me. An enduring memory that I laugh about with friends who also wrote for the Exchange is the photoshoots for stories. Large events in stories that required many Sims to shoot turned lots into a chaotic mess behind the camera to get everything properly set up. I’d have some 20 to 30 active Sims, rows of dressers and mirrors to go through costume, and it was going to be a long day if I had forgotten to turn off free will. Things could get frustrating with a lagging game that would threaten to crash because I was stretching its limits, but in the end, I remember these shoots fondly, because they were true exercises in creativity.” – Alexis C


“I was addicted to Sims 2 to be honest. Why? I liked the idea of creating the perfect world for a virtual version of me.”Angeline R.


“I enjoy how much personality sims 2 sims have. I’ve had a lot of moments but one was when my sim got stuck at the stairs, FOREVER. Lol”Dolphinsims


“I liked Sims 2. The thing I loved about it is that you’re in it. Well, it’s basically YOU on a game. You could do whatever you want that you would think twice doing in real life. You make your imaginations come to life through sims, and experience your dreams in a click”Edward C


“I never actually played the Sims 2 “in-game”. I usually focused on the building a house part [build mode]. I should’ve become an architect.” – Francisco B



I liked the game in general, it was such a beautiful game! It has so many awesome interactions, and the music is amazing! The game had such an awesome soundtrack and made the game feel vibrant and alive! Another thing I found interesting was finding Bella Goth in Strangetown!”Petersims


“I SUPER enjoyed Sims 2 for the new character options and making people do stuff. The novelty was cool but, just like the rest, it died down for me unfortunately.” – B. DeLeon


There you have it, a varied field of respondents..a lot of shared or differing experiences for one of the best games in history. A big THANK YOU to those who participated in this mini survey 🙂 Now that you’ve read what I and other people think, what are YOUR thoughts about your experience in playing The Sims 2?





Sims 2 10th Year Anniversary Special: Word on The Street



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