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SIMS 2 – Storywriters Anonymous


SIMS 2 – Storywriters Anonymous


As a continuation of my site’s Sims 2 Special, I will now talk about a handful of simmers/writers who made my experience with the Sims 2 game even more special. In one way or another, these people inspired me to either play the game or write some stories of my own.



 1. AlexisFate of Pleasantview and Fate of Alchemy: The Donnavi Prophecy

Alexis was one of the two Pleasantview scribes I followed during my Sims 2 playing and writing heyday. I originally read the Fate of Alchemy first and was hooked. Imagine, a story that tackled both Pleasantview and Strangetown in ONE neighborhood area Now that’s amazing on its own. The story was about Bella Goth’s story from Strangetown  to Pleasantview. Lots of cool stuff happened in this story like alchemy, aliens, the Donnavi Prophecy and the very intriguing backstory behind Gunther Goth’s demise. The Fate of Pleasantview was the original series that Alexis has written from 2005 to 2007 until his PC crashed down. It’s a good read as well so if you use the wayback machine, use this link  and you can browse through the chapters (note: it’s kind of hard since the archives did not save the images when you scroll through the stories so when you DO scroll through a chapter, highlight the text so the previous text from the ‘cover page’ won’t blend in as you read). Storyline aside, what struck me as a reader in this series is how Alexis incorporated multi-Sim/objects in one shot. Only a handful in the Sims 2 exchange could do such a thing and it was awesome for me back then. Hell, even now.

2. Dolphinsimo – Clouds over Pleasantview Series

This was the FIRST author I read in the exchange who wrote about Pleasantview  and I was amazed by the story writing and the pictures that came with it. Just like Fate of Alchemy, this series utilized its ‘camera space’ and making cities and multi-sim scenes (like a crowd gathering in city hall or a huge ass fire in the ending). The Clouds over Pleasantview series actually had ‘two seasons’ as far as I recall. I loved how the author used pictures to add more to the story (ex. Numerous sims in one shot, a ‘city shot’, etc) just like Alexis or a few other authors did. But there was a uniqueness in Dolphinsimo’s that I can’t quite point out, because it was that unknown factor that got me hooked into this series just like the Fate of Alchemy. Season 1 (based on my limited memory) centered around Bella’s disappearance and return to Pleasantview…and we get word that the kidnapper was DARREN DREAMER. That was one big shocker for me and it was one twist I loved. Season 2 picked up from where the first season started and had arcs including Alexander Goth’s decent into ‘evil’ as well as Malcolm Landgraab and the infamous fire finale. Sadly I can’t recall if my memory of season 2 is correct since the wayback machine can’t pick up this story from the depths of the interwebs. However, I have to say, this one and the FOA series inspired me to write a handful of serious stories for my pleasantview neighborhood (Dreamer Household, Broke Household and the Goths) during 2007 to late 2009.


3. Ephemeraltoast – Apocalypso A-Go-Go, Ugothlacy, Gone Bananas! An Asylum Challenge, pt. 1, etc.

If it was authors like Alexis and Dolphinsimo who got me hooked on serious and serial stories of Sims 2, it would be Toast who got me hooked on the funny side of things. This person inspired me to run the ‘you gotta be NUTS asylum’ game and make a diary out of it. While Toast’s stories tend to go more of the comedic side I do credit the author for making the ‘writing more goodly’ post. Without that post, I wouldn’t have much of an improvement as a Sims 2 ‘writer’ in the exchange (especially in the following: picture taking in-game, how to make a good cover picture in a sims 2 album when I upload it to the exchange, etc). So with that said, thank you oh Toast for making me write and take photos ‘more goodly’ 😀


4. Fanku Kabutsu – The Real World Strong Style Seasons 1 and 2

Just like Toast, but earlier, this guy inspired me to write more of the comedic/observational side of things in-game. The mix of pro-wrestling and Sims 2 in one game diary was well enough to have me do two things in life 1) buy the game and 2) write some stories. Sure, number two happened 2-3 years later but hey, this is the guy who helped start my Sims 2 habit.


Aaaaand that’s my four writers who influenced me in making Sims 2 stories. Who are YOUR inspirations? 😀


SIMS 2 – Storywriters Anonymous



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