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Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents: Renaissance

PWR - Renaissance

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents: Renaissance



[ren-uhsahns, –zahns, –sahns, renuh-sahns, -zahns, -sahns; especially British ri-ney-suh ns]


1. a revival or rebirth, esp of culture and learning


Friends, broskis, countrymen…a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING RENAISSANCE is about to happen in the Philippines. Decades after the legends of Joe Pogi, Lawin, the Birdman and the rest of the pioneers of Pinoy wrestling bid farewell..a new group of daring young men and women are here to give new life and meaning to Pinoy Pro-Wrestling.


Philippine Wrestling Revolution and Sindikato Present…RENAISSANCE!




Catch the main event where Jake “The Senyorito” De Leon clash with “Classical” Bryan Leo. There will also be a “No Holds Barred Match” between Bombay Suarez and The Apocalypse. Watch out for the Kanto Kaos Klassic Open Challenge featuring Kanto Terror. Other matches on that fateful night will be Ken Warren vs Chris Panzer and Main Maxx vs Mike Vargas!


So, to those who reside in the Metro Manila are and are fellow ‘rasslin fans…what are YOU waiting for? PWR: Renaissance comes to you this Saturday: September 27, 2014, 7PM at the Makati Cinema Square Arena, Makati City. Tickets are at 250php. (note: Go to this fb event page for more details)

Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents: Renaissance


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