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NBA 2K Beats – My 15 Favorite Songs from the NBA 2K Series


NBA 2K Beats – My 15 Favorite Songs from the NBA 2K Series


I’ve played the NBA 2K series since its Dreamcast days. It was also through the NBA 2K games wherein I ‘discovered’ songs that I eventually grew to like or love to put on repeat. Songs like Miike Snow’s Black and Blue in 2K10 or Lupe Fiasco’s song in 2K7 were songs I realized existed, all thanks to the NBA 2K series. This LIST THIS post runs down, in NO particular order, the 15 songs from the NBA 2K series that I heard and got me bouts of LSS (last song syndrome). Granted, there were other songs (like Daft Punk’s Around the World) that I liked, but those were songs I KNEW before playing the game. So the following list won’t have those songs…but songs that I really heard for the first time in this game for one reason or another. So without further ado…here’s my list


Disclaimer: There’s a glaring issue on this list that the songs listed are those from NBA 2K7 onwards. The reason for that is simple: I was like going back and forth between 2K and the Live series from years 1999 to 2006 until I realized 2K is the place to be starting 2K7. No? not a good reason? Fine, Dan the Automator made 2K beats awesome for my ears and trumped my favorite Live OST (Live 04). There. Now, yah, here’s the list.

1. Jay Rich and Sevin – Go for Mine (NBA 2K7)

2. Lupe Fiasco – Catch me I’m Ballin’ (NBA 2K7)

3. Matisyahu – One Day (NBA 2K10)

4. Miike Snow – Black and Blue (NBA 2K10)

5. IGLU and Hartly – In This City (NBA 2K10)

6. Children Collide – Skeleton Dance (2K11)

7. Dan Black ft. Kid CuDi – Symphonies (2K11)

8. Two Door Cinema – I can Talk (2K11)

9. Hollywood – Art vs Science (2K11)

10. Middleman – It’s Not Over Yet (2K11)

11. CyHi Da Price – Sideways (2K Remix) (2K12)

12. Aceyalone(feat. Cee-lo Green) – Workin Man’s Blues (2K12)

13. The Death Set – It’s Another Day (2k12)

14. Kendrick Lamar ft. Mary J Blige – Now or Never (2K14)

15. John Legend ft. Rick Ross – Who do we think we are (2K14)


From these fifteen songs, it truly shows that the NBA 2K series pioneered more than just awesome gameplay. Hell, it had a nice collection of songs in its 2K beats. While 2K13 featured a lot of great songs, those were songs I already knew before heading into the game so they were nothing new. With 2K15 looming in a couple of days, I can’t wait to ‘discover’ some new beats that I’ll enjoy in this year’s edition. Until then, happy 15 years to the NBA 2K series! 😀


NBA 2K Beats –My 15 Favorite Songs from the NBA 2K Series


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