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NBA 2K Series – 15 Years of Exciting Basketball Goodness

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NBA 2K Series – 15 Years of Exciting Basketball Goodness


NBA 2K15 has arrived in game shops everywhere. While I wait for my time to grab my copy (due to ‘shipment problems’ in my country), here’s a little article to pass the time. It’s been almost 15 years ago this month that the first game of the 2K series was released (NBA 2K) and yes, it’s time for us to reminisce about it.


First Contact

The first 2K game I’ve ever played was NBA 2K1 on the Dreamcast. The first time I played it, I didn’t think much of the series outside of ‘I’m playing this since it’s the ONLY b-ball game available on the dreamcast’. What I liked about the dreamcast version of the 2K series, however, was the fact that it gave you that ‘alternative’ basketball game feel. At that time, I also admire how it tried to add a TV like feel to the game, with the ESPN tie-up. Another thing I liked about the 2K games was its franchise mode. The controls were rather different from the NBA live series (especially the free throw controls). The ‘swivel’ of the cam (when using the default camera angle setting) was also foreign to me and something I didn’t quite enjoy. In due time, however, it was less of a pain to play through a single game with those two issues.


Sticking to 2K

2004 hit and the PS2 arrived. Sadly that put a halt in my 2K quest as the family resumed its NBA Live playing habits. My next encounter with the 2K series wouldn’t happen again in 2k6 when I had it and Live 06 side by side. Slowly, but surely, the 2K series was becoming my preferred franchise in terms of basketball video games. At first, it was due to the better graphics and feel of the game. It was during the 2K7/Live 07 year when I totally stuck to the 2K series. One good reason why I stuck by it and continued to play the 2K series exclusively was its consistency to the offense/defense balance of the game. Compared to its competitor’s shift to MOSTLY offense and irritating new controls, the 2K series kept its gameplay core of realistic basketball mechanics and that was it for me. From then on, I stuck with NBA 2K7 onwards never looked back.



It’s been 8 years since I’ve played the 2K series straight (2k7 to 2k14..and 2k15 when I get my grubby hands on it) and I’m glad to have stuck with it. 2K10 introduced my career mode and its one game mode I have been addicted to (sorry association). NBA 2K11 gave us Michael Jordan (and a few other legends) and a mini game of his great moments…and might be my favorite game to date. 2K12 added MORE NBA legends to the fold. 2k13 had some sick beats (though I’ve knew them before the game) and then 2k14 well…it revamped my career mode a bit to an extent that I liked it more (more press con, more interaction with the GM, etc). Who knows what’s in store for me as a gamer for 2K15 (not the face scanner due to my technological/financial issues a.k.a. I only have a ps3). Cheers to the NBA 2K series for 15 years of kick-ass virtual basketball


NBA 2K Series – 15 Years of Exciting Basketball Goodness


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