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NBA 2K series – The “Starting Five” Word on the Street


NBA 2K series – The “Starting Five” Word on the Street

You’ve heard my ramble last post about the 2K series…and it’s the turn of my fellow 2k gamers and friends to voice out their views. So just like our Sims 2 survey, I asked my respondents two questions:

1.) What did you like most about the nba 2k series
– and –
2.) What’s your favorite nba2k game


So for another round of ‘word on the street’, here’s the answers we garnered over the past few days. Since there were only 5 who participated/replied…I shall dub this my STARTING FIVE. That said… to the five people who answered these questions, thank you for helping me in my last minute survey.


“The 2K series was fresh coming out of the highly repetetive Live series. The approach wasn’t arcade as well. It felt like playing basketball rather than just pounding the ball inside and gaming the system. NBA 2K11 was my favorite game.” – A.G. of ChannelFourteen.com


“Growing up, I was a huge live fan. I played both games till I gravitated towards 2k mainly because its plays better sim ball. As far as games go, I liked Nba 2k7, 2k8, 2k13 and 2k14.”Shady00018


“Being an NBA fan. My favorite game was NBA 2k12” – Ivan S. of Sporty Guy


“I liked the 2K series for one thing: Realism. My favorite game was NBA 2K11, because it was the first time they introduced Jordan into the game.” – Dale L


“ I liked the NBA 2K series because the experience was made enjoyable & realistic but simple to play. Plus the fact that 2ksports finds ways to innovate every year without complicating the game. My favorite NBA 2K game was NBA 2K6. It was the first 2K game I played full time on the PS2. That game kicked NBA Live’s @$$ ever since & the experience was far superior.” – CJD of Pinoy Panda Food Trip


There you have it, the ‘starting five’ comments about the NBA 2K series. What about you? What’s YOUR story about your NBA 2K playing experience?


NBA 2K series – The “Starting Five” Word on the Street

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