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WWE 2K15 – Who Got NXT Mode

WWE 2k15-NXT-cover

WWE 2K15 – Who Got NXT Mode


WWE 2K15 has some good news to the current/last generation console owners (PS3 and XBox 360) who felt short-changed for not having the My Career mode in the upcoming WWE video game. WWE 2K15 will have a Who Got NXT, a mode that will center around 5 NXT superstars namely: Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, Sami Zayn, Rusev and Bo Dallas.


Who Got NXT is similar to WWE 2K14’s 30 years of wresltemania mode wherein the player must meet certain objectives within the matches of their chosen ‘nxt superstar chapter’. In order to unlock these characters and other things (move, entrance video, etc), they must complete each chapter that will culminate into the Proving Ground (which takes the place of Undertaker’s Beat the Streak Mode from the previous game) stage. In Proving Ground they will have to face John Cena  and will try to defeat ‘Super Cena’ to unlock your chosen NXT superstar. So for example, you are a Boliever , you got to face Cena and beat him to unlock the ability to play as Bo Dallas in every mode of WWE 2K15.


This news comes as a pleasant surprise for me, as a WWE fan and video gamer, and I’ll be sure to buy a copy this week. So what are you waiting for fellow PS3 and XBox 360 gamers…we got a reason to buy WWE 2K15. And if you think you can’t beat Cena using these five guys, I will tell you to not dread and to always…



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