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Resident Evil 4 – The 10 Most Awesome Things in RE4

Resident Evil 4 – The 10 Most Awesome Things in RE4


Who knew that it was ten years ago that Resident Evil 4 (RE4) hit the stores and became a huge hit. It was the installment of the RE series that set the standard on the later titles (RE 5 and 6) in terms of game play, action and many more. As a fan of the series I immediately got my copy for the Playstation 2 and it blew me away. There’s a lot of things I can talk about but since we’re ‘lazy’ here, let’s just list them down. Here are the 10 Most Awesome Things in RE4.

(Disclaimer: The 10 items list here may or may not be deemed ‘awesome’ by most people, but this site does NOT cater to ‘most people’ now do we?)

1. The Merchant

Reesident Evil 4 Merchant


Ah, the mysterious man with a thick accent. His two lines: “What are you buyin?” and “What are you sellin’?” are two of my favorite lines in RE4. Without this guy, the game would have been a tab bit incomplete. What say you, stranger?


2. Quick-Time Events



Channeling the spirit of Shenmue, RE4 brought the Quick Time Event gameplay to the Resident Evil series. At the time, it was the very first QTE-filled RE title and it worked to perfection. Unlike the later games, the amount of QTE in RE4 was ‘just right’ and not excessive.


3. EGGS!? Yes! EGGS!


Introduced in RE4, Eggs became as a vital healing item…just like ‘herbs’. What’s more, you can also use eggs as a weapon. No. I’m not kidding. You can totally throw eggs as a weapon.




4. Damn you, Salazar!

re4-salazarSalazar: Hello Mr. Kennedy…

I might be in the minority but I find Salazar quite awesome on two respects. First, he’s a man with a Napoleonic Complex that well…looks like a mini-Napoleon. How could you NOT find that so adorable. Secondly, he gave pro wrestling fans a very epic foreshadowing of a future pro wrestling catchphrase…albeit saying it in his creepy tone of voice.



5. Scare Factor

Yeah, these guys creep me out (Credit: IGN.com)

Yeah, these guys STILL creep me out (Credit: IGN.com)

The start of the game can already give you a sense of dread. From the spooky villages to the creepy churches, it really got me scared. The shock and awe tactics from previous games are still there but let’s just say the ‘constant fear’ element was there throughout. The ones that really spooked me were these monks chanting and you can even hear them off screen…making you wonder if they are closer than you think they are to Leon and Ashley.


6. Gone Fishing


One of my favorite boss fights in RE4 involved Leon stuck on a boat. Yes, on a boat. It was very awesome for me due to the fact that you get to control Leon on a boat as he tries to kill off this huge boss with spears. Look at it this way, while it looks boring, at least I’m not wasting precious ammo…kinda.


7. Jack the Bad Ass


Jack Krauser was perhaps one of my FAVORITE villains in the Resident Evil series (y’know, from the list of those NOT named Albert Wesker). His debut in RE4 can be summed up by 2 words: bad-ass. This guy can give gamers a hard time in QTE sequences but his epic knife battle with Leon was always enjoyable.


8. Addicting Mini Games



The Mercenaries mode was one of my favorite mini games after finishing the RE games. Well, it was back and many more. Separate Ways, on the other hand, was one mini game I enjoyed since it made me play Ada and see her side of the story in RE4. The Mercenaries mode, as usual, was very addicting. I played it over and over again to get more points and more characters unlocked.


9. The Evolution of Leon S. Kennedy


In RE 2, we were introduced to Leon, a bright eyed police officer who entered Racoon City at the worst time possible. The goody two-shoes manner of Leon was alright, but there were times I’d cringe at his actions (e.x. the awkward ‘ADA!’ shout near the end of the game). Well, Resident Evil 4 came in and brought us a new Leon. Gone was the bright eyed new recruit of the RPD and in was this jacketed bad ass of a guy. This guy looked more battle hardened and had that killer instinct that the old Leon didn’t posses.


10. The Epic Village Fight of DOOM~!
Yes, you have read Kotaku and other online gaming outlets RAVING about this initial battle. Well if you’re tired about hearing people rave about it online and expect me to NOT do it, Wade?


badnewsThanks, Wade.


Reesident Evil 4 Village

Thanks to RE4, the epic village fight at the start of the game will forever be entrenched in the annals of Video Game history. Just like the rest, it was a scene that I was initially frightened upon encountering it. Imagine being mobbed by dozens of villagers, and moments later a guy with a chainsaw chasing you around, with limited amounts of ammo. After finishing the game, however, the epic fight became one of my enjoyable parts of the game due to the fact I loved how you can move around the village and take out your foes in a variety of ways (knife/shove them off the roof, kicking the ladder, etc). For me, this tops the list for its epicness.

The ones listed above were my 10 favorite things from Resident Evil 4. How about you? Care to share your insights about the game and the stuff you loved about it? COMMENT BELOW AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! 😀 😀 😀


Resident Evil 4 – The 10 Most Awesome Things in RE4


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