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The Sims – Happy 15 Years!

The Sims – Happy 15 Years!


It’s been 15 years ago that EA and Maxis made this historic game that spawned off one of the most addicting video game series in modern history: The Sims.


The first time I played Sims was way back in grade school and it stuck with me through high school. I can still remember how playing Sims on my PC was the best thing ever. But what aspect/s got me addicted to this game? There were surely a couple and I can run them down.



If Sims 2 got me hooked in the whole ‘story telling’ concept, the original Sims game got me hooked on the aspect of building houses. I believe I spent 75% of my gaming time in Sims 1 to just build, remodel, redesign the house of my Sims. I rarely, if ever, played the Sims inside a certain lot at that time. Sims 1 made me feel like an architect or a wannabe architect, fine, the latter it is then.


Custom Content, Custom Content everywhere

The secret as to why I spend time more on making houses is simple, I couldn’t wait to place my downloaded custom items around it. Sites like thesimsresource and the main EA page gave me a ton of awesome items to place around my Sim’s house (I’m looking at you Darth Vader stand in lamp post, and you too Pepsi Vending Machine). Another fun aspect of custom content was the fact that I can download tons of WWE related Sims and t-shirts. I can still remember having a household that had Triple H, Chris Jericho…and some other wrestler that I forgot. Fun times.



I loved the soundtrack of the Sims just as much as I loved the soundtrack of Sims 2. Fun fact: I used one of the buy mode tracks once for a school project. One of the funniest tracks I’ve ever heard was sims: vacation. The first time I heard it I was thinking “are they saying papaya-pineapple over and over again?”.



Expansion packs and DREW CAREY (and other celebrities)

The expansion packs were awesome. I didn’t get to buy all of the EPs, just Livin’ Large up to Vacation, but hell it was good enough. Livin Large obviously made me want to buy a ton of servbots and that genie lamp. House Party was a hit for me since it featured DREW CAREY! It was that point in my life where I loved watching The Drew Carey show and, lo and behold, he was an NPC for this EP. You knew your party was rockin’ when Drew came in your lot. The Hot Date EP gave me MORE reasons to stick to build/buy mode. Vacation, let’s just say the “papaya-pineapple” song was a hit for me (and a major LSS).


Fun With Words

Through Sims 1, I learned words or concepts such as ‘Simlish’ (their awesome language), ‘Simoleons’ and…’SERV O’! Those were words and concepts that stuck with me even today. If you ask me, yes, I’d love to have a servo in my house doing all my work. I’m that lazy, if you have yet to figure out the name of this blog.


Happy Birthday Sims 1!


With all that memories, there’s nothing left to say but ‘HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY, SIMS!’ Now excuse me while I stare at the mirror and realize that I’m old….




The Sims – Happy 15 Years!



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