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Sonic Invades APEC 2015?!


“Our ‘field reporter’, Martin V, was in Clark, Pampanga for work-related issues. So you have to admit that we did NOT expect him to get something good there (video game related. Other things? Ask him, we’re not his agent). Little did we expect that he’d churn out a video game related post. BRAVO! Here he is…”



Thanks, Sven.


APEC 2015 is being hosted by my country (PHILIPPINES!). Long story short, it was awesome…and let’s just say something caught my eye one night. Out of the blue…a familiar face showed itself from the heavens….





The popular video game character and former flag bearer of the Sega brand was one of the prominent hot air balloons on display at APEC SOM I opening night at Clark, Pampanga.




If you thought you won’t see any video game related things in events like this, maybe you’re 90% right. But there’s always that 1% and that just happened here. Will we see more video game easter eggs in the next round of APEC meetings around the country? Who knows.




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