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2015 NBA Playoffs – Semi Finals Results (The NBA 2k15 Simulation)

(Disclaimer: This is just a video game simulation via NBA 2K15. The results in this blog entry do NOT reflect the real life results of the current 2015 NBA Playoffs. These results reflect the outcomes of said match ups had it been done in simulation via NBA 2K15)



NBA 2k15 Simulation Semifinal Round Results

Atlanta Hawks (1) vs Washington Wizards (5)

On paper, it would have been called an upset. The papers would’ve trumpeted about the younger and lower seed Wizards toppling the top-seeded Hawks. However, they all saw it from a mile away. Jeff Teague was out, Al Horford was playing with a hurt knee, and John Wall was just UNSTOPPABLE. Wall led Washington with 20 PPG while Pierce chimed in with 16.3 PPP during this series. Korver was completely shut down by the perimeter defense of Pierce and Beal, leaving Paul Millsap as the lone leader of the banged up Hawks (20.5 PPG and 10 RPG). Washington prevailed 4-2.


NBA 2k15 Simulation Semifinal Round Results

Cleveland Cavaliers (2) vs Chicago Bulls (3)

This series should’ve been Lebron, Irving and Love’s time to shine…that was until Noah and Chicago stopped them dead on their tracks. Noah was a defensive anchor, shutting down drives and put backs by averaging around 2.8 blocks per game in this series. During the final game, he had 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks. Derrick Rose had 28 points to lead Chicago to their first Eastern Conference Finals trip since 2011. LeBron James led Cleveland in the series with 25.2 PPG while it was Derrick Rose who lead the Bulls with 23.2 PPG. Bulls won 4-2.


NBA 2k15 Simulation Semifinal Round Results

Memphis Grizzlies (5) vs New Orleans Pelicans (8)

This was not the storybook ending that New Orleans wanted. The Pelicans were destroyed by Memphis in 5 games. Zach Randolph provided the scoring boost for the Grizzlies with 17,8 PPG and 8 RPG in the series. Mike Conley and Vince Carter provided some easy offense for Memphis who had a lot of options to score against New Orleans. Anthony Davis still was the main man for New Orleans with 26 PPG and 10 RPG. Sadly, none of his team mates were there to step up.


NBA 2k15 Simulation Semifinal Round Results

Los Angeles Clippers (3) vs Houston Rockets (2)

The series would have been more evenly match, had Chris Paul and Matt Barnes suited up. CP3 was injured during the previous series while Matt Barnes was taken off after the first game with a hip injury. The loss of CP3 and Barnes forced Austin Rivers and Jordan Hamilton to step into the big stage. Rivers responded by being a steady offensive option for LA with 11PPG and 8 APG throughout the series. The bad news for them, the Rockets were STACKED. James Harden led Houston with 27 PPG in the series, including a 52 PT outing in their Game 2 win against the Clippers. Blake Griffin led LAC with 21 PPG who tried to hang on before bowing out 4-2.

Results…in a nutshell..

NBA 2k15 Simulation Semifinal Round Results

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