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2015 NBA Playoffs – 2015 NBA Finals Results (The NBA 2k15 Simulation)

2015 NBA Playoffs – 2015 NBA Finals Results (The NBA 2k15 Simulation)


(Disclaimer: This is just a video game simulation. The results in this blog entry do NOT reflect the real life results of the current 2015 NBA Playoffs. These results reflect the outcomes of said match ups had it been done in simulation via NBA 2K15)


Houston Rockets (2) vs Chicago Bulls (3)


The last time both teams appeared in the NBA Finals stage were in the 1990s. Almost 20 years later, both the Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls are back in the biggest stage of the NBA: The NBA Finals. Both teams took their home court advantage with Chicago securing Games 1-2 while Houston got Games 3-4. Chicago lost some offensive firepower at the early stages of Game 2 when Mike Dunleavy Jr. left the game with a broken shoulder. However, the bench stepped up and got the bulls back. With the series tied 2-2, game 5 was a showdown for both teams. Eventually it was Chicago who got the 3-2 edge with Rose leading the way with 30 points. It was in Game 6 where Chicago finished the series with a 135-113 victory and its first championship since 1998.


Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 28 points and 15 assists. The rookies also had a helping hand with Mirotic scoring 22 points and McDermott adding 18 points while starting for the injured Dunleavy. James Harden led Houston with a huge 38 pt game performance. Ariza added 19 points while Dwight Howard had a 14pt/16 reb night.



Closing Thoughts

Shocking Moments: New Orleans defeats Golden State (WTF?!)

Feel Good Moments: Bulls defeat the Cavs in the semis (because it didn’t happen in real life)

Disappointing Matchups:Wizards vs Hawks semis (too many injured Hawks)

Conclusion: It was a very unexpected simulation as soon as the first round occurred. When you have the Pelicans winning over a healthy Warriors roster in NBA 2k15…you know something was up. The semis was a bit of an ‘ok’ round. The conference finals proved to be ‘boring’ with a sweep and a five game series up east. As a fan of both teams, I was glad to see the two teams that made it to the finals. That said, this simulation did NOT predict what actually happened in real life. As of this writing, it’s Cavs/Warriors (as predicted by NBA 2K’s FB page). To wrap it all up, I’d like to thank you guys for reading my series of blog posts this year re: my NBA 2k15 simulation of the 2015 NBA playoffs.


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