2015 – year in review


Thank you for those people who dropped by last year, 2015.

It was a SLOW year for us, blog wise, and we hope 2016 will NOT be that slow. YAY! 😀


What You Missed This Weekend

What You Missed This Weekend



If you missed the weekend, then here’s a little reminder of what happened – LeBron James is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers! Here’s the interesting part,  someone form youtube made a video about his return…even when it wasn’t finalized.


Shady00018 might have a crystal ball…this is one epic foreshadowing of a video! Yes, We’ve seen his NBA Playoffs promo videos a few months ago, and this one’s a tad bit shorter but…wow!

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A little lazy update…

If you’ve noticed, yes, there are a little upgrades at this site.


Ok, maybe not. We just added ‘categories’ to this site. That’s the only update for now. In the meantime, stay tuned for more relevant updates to this website when it happens 🙂